Audrey introduced herself and her family.  She has traveled to many places around the world and seen many interesting things.
She worked as an engineer for SRK in South Africa, was a mother to her three children, an occasional teacher in Trenton, a teacher in a Northern Ontario First Nations community, a private school in China and a public school in Prince Rupert, BC.
When she lived in South Africa, she had a home and two German Shepherds.  One day, when we came home, the dogs were excited, and they pointed at the snake.  Michael picked up the snake and took it to a neighbour to identify it.  It was a spitting cobra that was eventually taken to a distant field to live there.
When living in northern British Columbia, near Meziadin Junction, we saw many grizzly bears as they lived and grazed on the grass beside the roads.  The Skeena River runs from Terrance to Prince Rupert and is one of the most beautiful drives in Canada.
The first night that we arrived in China, the smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night.  Audrey thought that if she had to walk down 51 flights, she would surely die on the way.  When in China, a popular meal was to have a ‘Hot Pot,’ where a boiling pot of water was in the middle of the table, and participants could choose the raw food items they wished to eat and place these items into the boiling water. Photos were shown of the different foods popular in China.  Crabs are grown in (not so clean) water and are very popular for consumption. 
The city where we lived (Wuxi) in China had a very large Budha and a smaller baby Budha which is exposed from a flower and routinely sprayed and washed with multidirectional nozzles.