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Brighton Rotary News February 19 2021
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Members: 8
Guests: Carole Pacella
Smile: blush
R Chris is hesitant to tell the Club that there was good news and bad news with regard to Club finances and our.  The Good News – the Club has all the money to meet all of our approved donations.  The Bad News – it’s still in the members pockets.
(Don't you miss R Craig)
  • We will have a board meeting Tuesday February 23 at 6:30pm.
  • Diners and Duffers committee meeting held Feb 17. Books drafted and being proofed. Expect available mid March for sale beginning March 20 for old price of $35 each.
  • Possible Bottle Drive at Curling Club parking lot March 19, 2021.
  • We will organize committee meeting for proposed spring virtual auction soon.
  • Jan Hoselton expecting new equipment to help with proposed designs.
  • Looking for speakers for March.
  • Update on water filters in Brasil: Filters purchased and hope to deliver April 10th pending okay from government and pandemic restrictions. They will make video and looking for input from participating clubs.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • Colborne Rotary holding St. Patrick's Day take home style dinner Friday March 12th. Catered by King's Plate. Drive through pick up at Keeler Centre in Colborne.
  • Colborne Rotary holding food drive for Cramahe food Bank for Easter.
  • 2020 Rotary District Conference theme is 'Heroes and Champions' and will be now April 9 to 11, 2021, at Pan Pacific Toronto (formerly Weston Prince Hotel). District is working on how to move forward with this event, possibly some 'in person' events and virtually.
  • Rotary Club of Ajax celebrating 70 years March 21, 2021.
  • Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup April 24, 2021. Join 15 Districts and 500 clubs. Consider cleaning up along Butler Creek in Brighton.
  • Celebrating Women in Rotary D7070 March 8, 2021. District looking to form a committee to recognize and celebrate International Women's Day March 8.
  • Rotary Club of Parkdale High Park Humber hosting 'le Carnival Haiti' Sunday February 28 from 4:30pm to 6pm via Zoom. Tickets $20. Dress for your Caribbean Holiday, get festive and ready to party. Proceeds to HANWASH, the aucacious Rotaryinspired group that aims to sustainable bring fresh clean water to every home in Haiti. Get ready to learn how to make classic street food in Creole style, take Konpa dance lesson, discover how to make exclusive Carnival cocktail, enjoy Haitian music, and tour Haiti. Have fun and do good.
  • Grow Rotary Workshop Feb 27th.
  • Go to District web site for more information on any of these events.
  • Check out the District Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube channels to see what is happening in the District.
Song: someday soon we hope
Sharing Pot: all are encouraged to share as they are able or willing.
Happy Bucks: Living 4 way test, hair cut yesterday, virtual RLI 3 not so great, back to PETS, beautiful morning (snow), Eloisa doing well in Ottawa but looks to get out, always happy like father, new oral drug this week with less side effects, to see R Chris and Fran and attach dog, Cogeco service, last day of work for year +, nice Valentine's dinner from Gables, got out on bay to snow shoe with lots of skiers and snowmobilers also para-sailing, speaker and presentation, every week that much closer to spring, musical performance.
Rotary Minute:
“There is nothing as necessary for men as dancing…Without dancing a  man can do nothing… All the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes  that fill the history books, the blunders of politicians, the  miscarriages of great commanders, all this comes from lack of skill in dancing…When a man has been guilty of a mistake, either in ordering his  own affairs, or in directing those of the State, or in commanding and  army, do we not always say: So and so has made a false step in this  affair?...And can making a false step drive from anything but lack of  skill in dancing?” Jean Baptiste Moliere
Carole's Story
R Liesje introduced her neighbour and friend Carole Pacella who has a special needs son and is working to help her son get proper / adequate support to live his life.
Carole shared her ongoing story.
Her son is 26 with several health challenges including being developmentally challenged. He wants to live his life, to not live at home and not take direction from his mother. He is full of life and energy with his own goals and aspirations. He has a sense of humour and is capable of learning to look after himself.
Carole has been looking to find satisfactory support for her son since 2014. It has been a monumental struggle, involving separation from her partner, loosing her first career. She went back to school and became a personal support worker.
Her journey started in Hamilton and has gone through several bad experiences with people and organizations as hosts / support for her son. Sometimes not wanting mom in the picture and wanting all financial supports turned over to supposed care givers. Her son gets ODSP funding and Passport funding from Province based on needs assessment. Some of the places were very bad, dirty and in disrepair and worse. They can look good on outside and say all the right things but in reality be non-hygienic. He is now with Christian Horizons organization which is also where Carole works, a non profit organization funded by the Ministry, but some of their hosts are less then adequate and during COVID inspections are discouraged and homes can be in squalor. Carole moved to Brighton three years ago to be closer to her son.
Last summer he stayed with Carole and went to Sunny Daze day camp, riding his bike to the beach.
Carole believes he will do better in a small community.
R Emily pointed out that small communities are hard do to a lack of public transportation systems to get around.
Carole was encouraged that to be an advocate for her son she needs to be loud and vocal. There is a great need in our communities for supports and a huge gap in available support.
She was encouraged to contact Community Living locally.
R Liesje thanked Carole for sharing her story with us.
Service Above Self