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Brighton Rotary News April 5 2019
Members: 16
Guests: exchange student Eloisa, Rotarian John Cairnes from Belleville and Laetitia de Witt from St. Catharines South
Club presentation of $300 to Wheelchair of Hope Foundation. Accepted by founder John Cairnes.
  • Thank you card from the Bridge Hospice in Warkworth.
  • Thank you card from Quinte Access.
Thank You for 12 great years of fundraising support of the ROTARY POKER WALK for HIV/AIDS. We are sending this letter out to our data base and hope you receive this in the spirit it was meant to convey. You may have been a walker on a team or a corporate sponsor or a pledge supporter and we appreciate that you have helped the Rotary Club of Belleville together with a number of Rotary clubs in the GTA to raise almost $850,000 over the past 12 years. With your help we want to keep going to help those infected and affected. 100% of that money was directed towards local, national and worldwide organizations vetted by Rotarians to help with the cause and the goal of eventually eliminating the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We think you should know where we have spent the $36,000 you helped us to raise last year. You will see the list is quite diverse with recipients receiving money not just for medical care but for a variety of needs.
Lesotho- Training 40 teachers to teach children about HIV/AIDS
Malawi- To help Dignitas to continue to support and educate HIV Positive teenagers
Eastern Ontario- To help HARS with transportation costs for HIV clients in Belleville / Kingston
Africa- To support the Quinte Grannies for Africa to help grannies and children through the Stephen Lewis Foundation
Toronto- Support of HIV clients at Casey House
We are making steady progress in battling this epidemic. It is no longer the automatic death sentence it was when we started. It can now be treated. We would love for you to be part of this year’s campaign as a ”virtual walker”, a fundraiser, or a donor.
RLI - You are invited to the Lead with Knowledge - Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).   Event: Lead with Knowledge - Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)  Date: Apr 13, 2019 8:30 AM  - Apr 13, 2019 4:30 PM  Fee: $70 (free for first year Rotarians*.  Not a new Rotarian?  Check to see if your club will reimburse you for participating in this learning opportunity)  Location: Centenial College Event Centre, 937 Progress Ave.Toronto. This is your opportunity to learn more about Rotary and share your ideas with other Rotarians. Take part in Rotary Leadership Institute.  It's the perfect learning experience for newer Rotarians and an excellent knowledge update for those more seasoned. 
Smile for Week:
A neighbour called police to say there were drugs hidden in the wood pile, so police came and searched wood pile taking it all apart but found nothing but wood. The police left empty handed. However, the next day the neighbours met and the one with the wood pile was thankful his wood had been chopped up by the police.
  • R Ted is resigning from club because of time commitments, but wants to remain a Friend.
  • Request from local chamber asking if Rotary will BBQ at Trade Show Saturday April 27th, burgers outside at Community Centre. Potentially for 1,000 people. More details to follow. After brief discussion, due to timing decided that we will pass this event.
  • Board meeting at R Steve's home - Tuesday April 16th at 6:30pm
  • Brighton Rotary Auction and Dinner May 11, 2019. Theme related to Pearls and Tiffiny's. Hit list and tickets being distributed. We need Rotarians to take and sell tickets. Also collects items for auction. R Chris is storing items at his home. Need Rotarians to visit other clubs.
  • Brighton Rotary is 30 - June 2019.
  • No Frills Raffle - After two weekends we sold 419 tickets for $1565. Plus couple books of tickets sold. Profit at about $1100 to club.
  • Diners and Duffers books available. Sell Sell Sell.
  • Adventures in Citizenship in spring 2019 accepted. Student selected is Isabel Flindal.
  • Camp Enterprise for 2019, May 2 to 4 at Trent University. Looking for sponsors, mentors and drivers. They have minimum number of students so camp is a go.
  • R Murray circulated duty roster for Fishing Derby early May.
  • R Ricardo shared that we have 1st and 2nd host families for next inbound exchange student Daniella Danielsen from the Faroe Islands.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • RLI April 13
  • Campbellford Trivia Night - Movie Trivia - Saturday April 13th, 2019. $100 entry fee for team of up to 8. Prizes, silent auction etc. Doors open at 6pm. Trivia starts at 7pm. R Emily will organize team.
  • Belleville Rotary hosting 12th annual AIDS Poker Walk April 27th.
  • RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) program. Cost is $950. Looking for sponsors and candidates ages 19 - 25. May 3 - 9.
  • District Conference next year - Rotary Muskoka Style at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa - October 25 - 27, 2019. Early registration fee $299. Rooms at special rate of $135 / night while they last.
Eloisa's Report:
Eloisa shared pictures of a recent trip to Queens Park for question period with Rob Pope from Campbellford Club.
She went to a Leaf game.
While in Toronto she ran into a friend.
She taught Yoga to students at Brighton Public School.
Volunteering at the Clothing Depot.
Made cheese buns with R Joyce (a Brazilian pastry).
Visited little Portugal in Toronto where she found a Brazilian bakery.
She was invited to home of a Stirling Rotarian for dinner and made a box for donations to the Brazilian garbage picker project.
Song: no time to sing today
Sharing: $34 won by R Chris who donated it to Foundation.
Happy Bucks:  no time to share today, so hoping we are all doubly happy next week.
Rotary Minute: no time.
Wheelchair of Hope Foundation
R Mark introduced John Cairnes:
Upon completion from High School, John became employed with Canadian National Railways. Instantly, all John's goals and dreams both personally and professionally tumbled into an abyss of devastation. On November 30, 1992, at the age of 26, while assembling a train in Toronto yard, John was run over by a 68 ton railway car. John instantly suffered the loss of his right arm and right leg.
After four months recovery at Sunnybrook Trauma Center, John spent the next two years at the Worker's Compensation Rehabilitation Centre, re-learning activities of daily living all over again, all while losing his right-side dominance. Through the efforts of dedicated professionals, John's own self-determination, vision and commitment, John has adopted an undefeated winning attitude.
John has dedicated his life to enhancing the quality of people's lives by sharing his own battles and victories to motivate and be a lighthouse of encouragement. John aspires to inspire to make a difference towards improving human and community capital. John is a graduate form the University of Waterloo in Social Development Studies and Social Work Degree program.
John is Past President of the Rotary Club of Belleville. John is past Director and Alumni with the Quinte Health Care Board of Directors and Belleville General Hospital Foundation. John is a recipient of Volunteer Award for Excellence in Volunteer Service, Rotary International Presidential Citation, and recipient of the Les Faludy Award of Leadership Excellence. John was the Past Chair of the Board of Directors for Volunteer Information Quinte, an Advisory -Member of Belleville Municipal Accessibility Advisory Council, Board Member with Quinte Children's Foundation, and Board Member of the Quinte West Chamber of Commerce. John is the CEO and Founder of Wheelchair of Hope Foundation, providing hope, and independence through freedom of mobility.
In 2016, John received Canada's Walk of Fame Unsung Hero Award for outstanding Philanthropic Service.
John enjoys participating in various sports; golfing, snow-boarding, mountain climbing, swimming. He is a certified advanced scuba -diver and skydives. John participated in Dancing With The Stars in support of Volunteers Information Quinte. John has also successfully summited the world's tallest free standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro on August 7th, 2016, in Tanzania, Africa. Most recently, John successfully summited Mount Everest Base Camp at 6,400m, in May 2018 in an inspiring and advocacy role for Humanity.
John has recently been appointed as the Honourary Colonel CFB Trenton 8 Wing 2 Air Movement Squadron.
As a Motivational Speaker - John delivers his dynamic positive attitude presentation with heart, wit and wisdom to thousands of people  within local and national audiences. John call's his tragedy a 'gift' .. a gift he now shares with others! Turning 'impossibilities into possibilities' has made him a ... Voice of Victory!
John shared pictures and stories of his 2018 summit to Everest Base Camp.
He says any day above ground is a good day. He had to get up about 5am to come share with us today.
He refuses wants to live everyday full of life, to leave nothing back.
In May 2018, after training for a year and 1/2 John flew to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. Population of about 2.5 million people. Very touristy. They have a rich culture in Nepal. They had experienced an earthquake sometime before he arrived. From Kathmandu, he flew to Lukla, a small airport in the mountains, the most dangerous airport in the world, only 1,700 ' long, about 2200 m elevation, surrounded by mountains and subject to winds. There apparently was a fatal crash at this airport in 2017.
John took his first steps up the mountain in Lukla (R Dan had to confirm is was John in pictures). On the trek up the mountain, they had to cross Hilary Suspension bridge, 110 m high and animals take right of way on this swaying bridge. John expressed the steps of pain taking 6 hours to climb about 800 m. After 3rd day he was pretty exhausted.
Mount Everest is 8,848 m elevation, there has been 250 deaths by those seeking to reach summit, some memorials to the dead, left where they fell along the trail. And an estimated 1.2 tons of garbage left along the trail.
At Namche Bazaar at elevation 3,400 m they stopped 3 days to climatize to the elevation and thinner oxygen. Everything in this town was walked in by humans or yaks. The porters are small people who carry very heavy loads, heavier then they are, and they do it happily.
John remembered to appreciate the beauty along the way as they traveled up through and above the clouds, going from 10 celcius to -18 celcius.
At times, the trek is up incline of 50 degrees, he basically had to crawl up the mountain. But he made it to base camp.
Why did he do it? to smash beliefs, chase resistant, to show what is possible and he believes you must give something to gain something.
'Impossible is only an opinion, not a fact.'
John started the Wheelchair of Hope Foundation after almost hitting a gentleman in a wheelchair that was in poor shape. John stopped to help, and ended up raising enough money to get this man a decent wheelchair, and the concept for Wheelchair of Hope was launched. The idea to give people freedom through mobility. Wheelchairs are very expensive ($10,000 to $30,000) and not a lot of government support. Mobility and freedom can give people dignity, changing not only their lives but the lives of those around them. They can give back.
They recently were able to send 15 wheelchairs to the Dominican Republic where they had none.
Next weekend, April 13th, they are holding their Gala Catwalk4Change, fashion show at Knights of Columbus hall in Trenton. Cost $150 each. They pair models of diversity with an able bodied person.
Service Above Self