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Brighton News Jan 10 2020
Members: 7
Guests: Inbound Exchange Student Daniella from the Faro Islands, Marsha Jones Chair of Transition House and Catherine White Past Chair of Transition House in Cobourg (Homeless Shelter)
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Smile: blush
R Craig shared story of when his nephew called from Newfoundland saying he was coming to visit his uncle Craig in Toronto. Craig agreed to pick him up at the airport. Uncle Craig got the call when his nephew arrived but he was no longer at the airport; when he saw the big city he went for a walk to explore. Now he didn't know where he was. Uncle Craig suggested he go outside and look at the street signs and tell him what intersection he was at. After a few minutes, the nephew was back. He said he was at the corner of 'Walk' and 'Don't Walk'.
  • Diners and Duffers books for 2020 still have a 1/4 page ad space available.
  • R Steve putting team together for Quinte Sunrise Curl for Kids. Team so far is Allison, Daniella and Steve. Need forth. This event is February 1.
  • Next club directors meeting will be Tuesday January 21 at 6:30pm at home of Allison and Steve (101 Raglan Street).
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • You are invited to the Toronto Beach Charter Night. You can also book family and friends.  Event: Toronto Beach Charter Night  Date: Jan 23, 2020 6:30 PM  - Jan 23, 2020 9:00 PM  Fee: $40.00 Location: The Balmy Beach Club360 Lake Front, Toronto. Go to D707 web site to register. If you need assistance ask.
  • D7070 looking for participants to prepare / update Strategic Plan. You can register for one of three dates but you need to register ASAP as space limited to first 25. Ask me for contact info. District 7070 has drafted a strategic plan - using the ideas of many in the district to do so. However, it needs your perspective and ideas before it is finalized. We want to know if the plan is relevant and if the goals are meaningful. We want to hear your ideas of how some of these goals could be achieved. This is a plan that will guide our District for the next three years. Could you spare an hour to help us?    The ask is for you to join a webinar (from a computer or other device such as an ipad). You will not need to have a camera or a microphone as this sounding board will be conducted like a confidential focus group.    You will be asked to input to survey questions and see just in time collated answers from all the participants. You will be asked to type responses into the chat function. You will not be asked to speak nor will your identity be known to others. It is a really interesting and different way to ensure people can speak their mind.   The whole process will be facilitated by Anne Bermingham of 2WA Consulting, a Rotarian from Rotary District 7090 who is helping us with the development of our plan.   Thanks in advance for your participation!   The District 7070 Strategic Planning Committee - DG Beth Selby, DGE Mark Chipman, DGN Ron Dick & IPDG Mary Lou Harrison      
  • Quinte Sunrise Rotary - Fundraising bonspiel called Curl for Kids, that raises funds for charities and organizations that serve “kids”.  This year our event will be benefiting Camp Trillium, Quinte SailAbility and our Bayside Secondary Scholarship. The event is on Saturday February 1st at the Quinte Curling Club, with draw times available at 9:00, 11:15 and 1:30.  This is a fun event, where the emphasis is on fellowship and fundraising rather than excellent curling.  We encourage teams to play against colleagues or competitors (for years I used to field a “Loyalist Men’s” team to challenge the “Loyalist Ladies”… and we lost most of the time).  The trophy goes the team that raises the most funds each year.  Last year the Active Wealth Management team raised an amazing $1500! We are able to accommodate a maximum of 24 teams (8 per draw time), with draw times being confirmed on a first come, first served basis.  We provide a light lunch for participants either after or before their draw, as well as some draw prizes, and a 50/50. It would be great if
  • D7070 Birthday Bash for past Rotarian and District Governor Bill Patchet. Bill passed away May 10, 2019. With his passing, we lost a dynamic leader passionate about the Foundation and Polio Plus. There will be a celebration at the Cobourg Best Western, 930 Burnham Street on January 19th from 1 to 3pm. Cost is $10 but you have to register. Go to D7070 web site.
  • D7070 Grow Rotary Workshop to be held at Vaughan City Hall, 2141 Major MacKenzie Drive West, Saturday January 18th, 2020 from 8am to 1:30 pm. You have to register through D7070 web site.
  • D7070 Foundation Grant Writing Workshop will be held at Whitby Public Library Saturday February 29 from 9am to 2pm. Lunch provided.
  • 2020 Rotary District Conference theme is 'Heroes and Champions' and will be held at Toronto Weston Prince Hotel October 23-25, 2019.
Daniella's Report:  
We have to remind Pres Daniel to ask Daniella for report.
Daniella's Bucket List:
Play hockey
Niagara Falls
CN tower
Algonquien Park
See a moose
See a beaver
See a possum
See a bear
Play in the snow
Volunteer (animal shelter?)
See leaves change color
Ottawa (skate on the Rideau canal)
Go skiing
Swim in Lake Ontario
Cliff jump (?😬)
See the northern lights
Go to New York City?
See a baseball game
See a rugby game
See an american football game
See a ice hockey game
Try beaver tail (not from a real beaver)
Songs: Home on the Range
Sharing: $? won by R Steve who donated it to Rotary Foundation
Happy Bucks: no specific reason, just being here and enjoying new day, Red Door shelter in Toronto, week of horrible news and hoping for better, dance tonight, presentation, empathy and compassion, new furniture, range and fire place, things are coming together, for guests getting up so early to be with us and share.
Rotary Minute: Brighton people served by Transition House.
New POD's for 2020
POD#1 - Murray, Chris, Joyce, Victoria, Mark, Jeff W and Steve
POD#2 - Ricardo, Jeff P, Emily, Craig, Rudy, Liesje, Clay
Transition House - Northumberland's only Homeless Shelter
Marsha is a retired teacher from Grafton. She is the current Chair of the Transition House Board.
Catherine is a former 'Street' Nurse from York Region. She is the past Chair of Transition House Board. She is also from Grafton.
Transition House is the only homeless shelter in Northumberland County. I services the whole county including Brighton and area. They have numbers / records but didn't have statistics with them.
They are a not-for profit organization. The board members are volunteers. They are currently looking for an executive to run Transition House but finding it hard to find someone because there are no benefits and pay about $30,000. They have been without executive since June and Board members have been filling gap.
Many have been traumatized and / or have challenges in their lives such as mental health, addictions or physical problems. Catherine asked the question - what came first, the mental health concerns or losing their home? Because losing your home would be a traumatic experience and put a lot of stress on people.
They had to shut down for a few months in 2018 for renovations. Since reopening in 2018 they have helped over 200 people.
They are an emergency service for people who have lost their home. They offer compassion, show dignity to people, a shelter, food, and helping hand.
There is a very low vacancy rate and very high rental rates. They said to rent a room costs $650 per month. Often these accommodations are not very nice.
Transition Houses annual budget about $500,000 annually. The County helps but there is about a $150,000 deficit they have to make up with grants and donations.
The people have high needs, come with baggage, often traumatized. Many are chronically homeless. Some are ill. Very stressful to be homeless. They typically have very low self worth with no hope. They are stigmatized in our community, considered their own fault, blamed for their circumstances. They don't have a 'Voice' that society will listen to.
Transition House provides supports for these people in crisis. They strive to provide these people with dignity and respect, to give them a measure of control and work with them to provide choices. They help people put their lives together, teach life skills including computers. They are not chased out each day, but can stay in. They help people with resumes, to find new shelter, jobs, putting them in touch with various agencies that may be needed. They advocate for the homeless and help give them a voice. Staff at Transition House do case management with the people, working with them to help. Recently they have a dentist who comes in to provide some services, as well as EMS staff for some medical needs.
The Town of Cobourg has a warming shelter in the local police station reception area. However, people have to leave early each morning, they cannot stay there all day.
Some of their success stories include: in past 6 months helping 6 people find accommodation, helping student complete high school and now looking at higher education, another has a good job offer.
There goal is a maximum 30 day stay, but some have stayed up to a year.
Children are not allowed, families are taken care of through social services, typically put up in motels. Must be 18 or over. Most are men under 25 or over 60 years old who come to Transition House.
President Daniel thanked Catherine and Marsha.
Service Above Self