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Brighton Rotary News 2020 09 04
We have a Brighton Rotary Channel.
Members: 10
Guests: Heather Murray via Zoom from British Columbia
Correspondence: none
Smile: blush
Our special couple were having an argument while in the car. At this time they were pulled over by a policeman. With no seat belt on, Shane told the officer he was wearing it, but undid it to get his wallet. Joyce corrected him, saying he was not wearing his seat belt. The officer also noted that he had been speeding, but Shane said no he was not, until Joyce again spoke up to verify that Shane was speeding. At this point, Shane got really upset and told Joyce to mind her own business and keep quiet. When the officer asked Joyce if Shane always talked that way to her, Joyce said, no, only when he has been drinking too much.
  • Next board meeting Tuesday September 22 at the home of R Liesje,   6:30pm at 16 Anne Street in Brighton.
  • RI Global Grant for Brazil water project G-2165 has been approved.
  • Our next bottle drive scheduled for Saturday October 17 at King Edward Park. Details to come. We are looking to advertise.
  • In process of organizing District Governor visit / presentation. Likely will be via Zoom.
  • Possible Hoselton fundraiser for Brighton Rotary that Jan is offering Brighton Rotary - Christmas decorations annually.
  • Looking for late September guests.
  • We may be fine at Smoke House for this fall season.
  • R Liesje is organizing the purchase of some new Rotary clothing. Let her know if you are interested.
  • Rachelle Breton, former outbound exchange student who went to Taiwan in 2018/19, contacted club. She has another year at ENSS and she wants to give back to Rotary. She is interested in photography, social media and is interested in communications. R Liesje is in touch with Rachelle to see if she can help with our social media etc.
  • We are now selling raffle tickets to an exclusive Garden Party with Bentwood Rocker - The Spirit of Applefest. To be held on Saturday September 26th in Brighton. Tickets now available, one for #10 or 3 for $20. There will be 25 lucky winners who will be chosen Tuesday September 22 at our next board meeting. Each winner will be allowed to bring one guest to location to be disclosed. It will start at 7pm until 10pm. Guests will bring their own chair, refreshments and food.
  • We are holding Interclub Karaoke singing contest virtually. All clubs in District will be invited to submit video by Sept 30. R Liesje prepared guidelines and poster for clubs. Brighton Rotary will judge.
  • R Emily is looking to initiate Coat for Kids at schools soon.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • D7070 is bringing us 'Tuesday Talks'. September 8th will be Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, from 7pm to 8pm.
  • 2020 Rotary District Conference theme is 'Heroes and Champions' and will be held now April 9 to 11, 2021, at Pan Pacific Toronto (formerly Weston Prince Hotel).
  • Rotary District 7070 is going to the Dominican Republic March Break 2021. A service opportunity - sweat equity.
Song: Clementine
Sharing Pot: $17 R Rudy is sharing it with the Foundation.
Happy Bucks: Presentation today, gorgeous morning, company from Kitchener Waterloo, mom tests ongoing, sister coming with family, great week with grand kids, looking for parents today, 3rd grandson born, lost in woods, celebrate seniors with talents.
Rotary Minute:
WASRAG - Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group
Without safe water and sanitation, life and livelihood are under threat:
8000 people die every day from waterborne disease
Women and children (usually girls) spend hours each day fetching water, often under threat of violence
Lack of sanitation and privacy lead to early drop-out from school among girls
Every year, 40 billion hours spent collecting and hauling water in Africa alone
Dispute over water jeopardize  peace in every continent
Drought and starvation threaten lives and livelihood of millions of people
BC WildFire Fighting
Heather Murray is a past Rotary exchange student who was sent to Italy in 2010-2011. She
has since moved to B.C to study at the University of British Columbia and, upon
completion of her degree, joined the B.C wildfire service where she works as a
wildfire fighter.
When Heather finished her degree at UBC, she wanted to give back, so of course she joined the BC wildfire service in 2017. Her initial call up for training in March, Heather had a broken arm and therefore, was unable to attend. However, she was able to join later at the Kamloops base in July 2017. It was the start of the fire season, with a fire she knows as #637 but called Elephant Hill in news. On her first day fitness test there was smoke in the air and Heather had a reaction to it and she was having second thoughts about her career. However, it passed.
Very early, she was sent on Helicopter training. Helicopters are light and fragile and subject to air pressure. They have to learn to exit the helicopter without landing as at times there is no place to land. They have to remove the doors and exit through the skids.
However, during Heather's helicopter training was aborted due to a call out to respond to a fire.
On her first flight over a fire was eye opening, the smoke, heat, a beast. Nature is very powerful.
One of her first tasks was to tackle a fast moving fire on the side of a steep hill (60% incline). She and her partner had to carry equipment up this slope trying to get around fire. As a fire fighter, they carry supply packs weighing about 25 lbs, plus their 'pulaski' weighing about 6 lbs, and several hoses for total weight of about 100 to 125 lbs.
On this occasion, Heather got her boot stuck while the fire moved towards her.
Heather works with an initial wildfire attack crew, who locate new fires via helicopter, look for water sources, access roads, they cut trail, goal to stop fire before gets going. They also have to put out fire, then chase hot spots, dig down, pour water and dig some more repeatedly to ensure fire is out.
She has found wildfires humbling. Seconds can make a difference. Winds shift, and wildfires can travel fast.
Heather also commented on the bias's and sexism in this traditional male work place. She notes that there is work to be done in Canada. People need to be advanced for ability. 
R Daniel thanked Heather for her presentation.
Service Above Self