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2019 Cheque Presentation to Relay for Life
Russell Hampton
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Brighton Rotary News Mar 1 2019
Members: 16
Guests: Karen White and guest of R Dan; Craig Harding
Presentation: Pres. Patty presented Karen White representing Relay for Life a cheque for $1,000 as luminary sponsors for the 2019 Relay for Life to be held at Trenton High School June 8, 2019. (see photo)
Karen shared that $44 million was raised for Cancer research in 2017 (latest numbers she has). That money includes clinical trials used for research such as by Queen's and Sunnybrook. These trials provide valuable information for future patients and can help current people involved in the trials. She shares successes of the increasing rate of beating cancer in children and adults as a result of the research, up to 85% survival of children.
Karen and Jeff are advocates to government to promote support for cancer research.
This years Relay for Life is at Trenton High School June 8th from 11 am to 11 pm. The luminary part will be 'light the way to survivors'.
Karen thanked Rotary for our continued support.
  • Brighton Rotary has been asked to cook hot dogs at the Big Give planned for Saturday June 1 from 10am to 2pm. Suggesting 1,000 hot dogs. Club volunteered to cook after short discussion and vote.
  • Adult Spelling Bee to be held at Trenton Rotary Club March 11 at 6pm. Teams of 4 from clubs asked to participate.
  • Come to Chapters in Belleville Saturday March 9th, the Spelling Bee committee is promoting the Spelling Bee from 10 am to 2 pm. Note: use the team code 5ZJPM9 with your purchase and 20% will go towards our Spelling Bee. This code can also be used on line when you purchase from too! 

Smile for Week:
Couple in a restaurant observed by waitress - very intimate and romantic setting until man slides under the table. The waitress addresses the women that it isn't appropriate for her husband to be under the table. Women advises that her husband just came into the restaurant.
New Member Application
The following person has been nominated for membership in the Rotary Club of Brighton:  
Craig Harding with the classification of Realtor
Should any member have knowledge why membership should not be offered to this person, they have the right and obligation to inform the Secretary in writing within 10 days of this notice.
  • Board meeting at R Patty's home - Tuesday March 19th at 6:30pm
  • Brighton Rotary Auction and Dinner May 11, 2019. Theme related to Pearls and Tiffiny's.
  • Brighton Rotary is 30 - June 2019.
  • No Frills Raffle planned for March. Duty roster being circulated. We start the weekend of March 22 leading up to Easter. Draw will be April 14th.
  • Northumberland Rotary Music Festival in 2019. They are looking for photographer for first week of April. May be small cost to clubs.
  • Brighton / Colborne Rotary Clubs joint application to send an ENSS student to Adventures in Citizenship in spring 2019 accepted. They have selected a student and will advise who once student is notified.
  • Camp Enterprise for 2019, May 2 to 4 at Trent University. Looking for sponsors, mentors and drivers. Eloisa wants to attend.
  • R Ricardo shared update from outbound exchange student Rachelle currently in Taiwan. Rotary using on line forms for students to report to clubs. See report below.
  • Pancake supper Tuesday from 5pm to 6:30 at Anglican Church.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • D7070 Curling Bonspiel March 24.
  • Quinte Sunrise Rotary Club is having Fish and Chips Saturday March 30th, 2019. $25 each. 5pm at the Dug Out.
  • Men Who Cook and Women Who Sizzle event in Port Hope March 30 by Rotary Club of Northumberland Sunrise. Cost $45 each.
  • Campbellford Trivia Night - Movie Trivia - Saturday April 13th, 2019. $100 entry fee for team of up to 8. Prizes, silent auction etc. Doors open at 6pm. Trivia starts at 7pm.
  • RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) program. Cost is $950. Looking for sponsors and candidates ages 19 - 25. May 3 - 9.
  • District Conference next year - Rotary Muskoka Style at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa - October 25 - 27, 2019. Early registration fee $299. Rooms at special rate of $135 / night while they last.
  • R Mark shared a little of presentation at Colborne Rotary Monday of Wilf Wilkinson Peace Award to former ENSS principle Jeff K. Well attended including from staff at ENSS and excellent evening.
  • Rumour spreading that a younger member of club is vaping. Doesn't appear to satisfy 4 way test. But I am under political pressure to report this.
Eloisa's Report: no report today.
Rachelle's Report:
Question - What excites you most about your exchange? Answer - I have seen so much personal growth, and learnt so much. I really feel like a completely different person which makes me so proud of myself. Also being able to communicate in Chinese most of the time now. I really am at a peak right now and it feels amazing.
Question - What was your happiest experience since your last reflection? Answer - Having a full conversation with my class at school all in Chinese and understanding everything they were saying and speaking back to them.
Question - Reflecting on this past month, please indicate what you see as your biggest success? Answer - The language and really 100% seeing the change in myself and the new person I'm becoming.
Question - What do you like best about school? Answer - The students make it so easy for me to get up in the morning because they make going to school so fun. They are always talking and asking me questions and joking around with me and I love it.
Song: Home on the Range (for R Jeff P)
Sharing: $21.00 won by R Rudy who donated it to Karen's Relay Team 'PS I Love You'. She has raised $800 so far.
Happy Bucks:  sun shining, date to see 'The Drowsey Chaperone', Karen for coming, presentation and stories, Parry Sound area with 19 days of bus cancellations so far this year, wonderful flight and landing, cancer survivor quit smoking but damage done, day with son in Oshawa, met Queen as little girl and presented her with flowers, luminary walk a must see event, son's reference questionable for host mom, possible ski trip, first Relay for Life attended years ago at CFB in rain, good people and volunteers, to be friends with Jeff, a flight story - dumping fuel - sliding on runway, a true professional.
Rotary Minute: Current District Governor Mary Lou Harrison, then July 1 to be Beth Selby from Cobourg Club, followed in 2020 by Mark Chipman and in 2021 it will be Ron Dick.
R Jeff Brace stories flying VIP's
R Steve introduced R Jeff. Many years ago I saw these very interesting pictures in the Brace home and often wondered if there may be stories behind the pictures, so Jeff graciously agreed on short notice to share some of those stories.
Jeff brought those pictures for us to view.
Jeff qualified his stories saying they are from his era - when the Canadian Air Force used vintage 707's.
Jeff gave a brief description of the procedure and work that must occur before the VIP visit. As an example, he said for a visit by the Queen, notice has to be given 2 months in advance, the heads of state such as Prime Minster's office, Governor General all have to be involved and protocol has to be learned and followed. About 10 days prior intense work begins when one of 5 707's the air force had was put in a hanger at CFB Trenton to be reconfigured. The regular seats are taken out, kitchen, bedroom and lounge areas put in as well as press area in rear. Then plane is quarantined with limited access to flight crew only.
On flight the VIP aircraft is shadowed by fighters, first have from London by RAF fighter, then Canadian fighter. You don't see them, but they are there. Something called 'duck but'??
Cooks go to London early to oversea food preparation. Plane arrives early and a second is on standby as well in case any issues with first plane.
Day arrives and VIP enters, and protocol has to be followed.
Jeff then shared some personal stories of VIP's he transported, his first in 1973 was to fly then Prime Minister Trudeau to China. The first Canadian Prime Minister to visit China. Jeff was a young captain and pilot then. There were two crews to fly from Ottawa to China (one rested and spelled each other for the long flight).
Flight uneventful, the Prime Minister was friendly. In Chinese air space, they had to have Chinese crew on board to translate as Chinese air traffic control will not speak English.
Jeff found Peking fascinating, and crew were included in many events. Jeff had a wonderful time.
On return trip was to be via Hawaii but Margaret Trudeau decided she wanted to stop in Hong Kong to shop. So last minute arrangements were made to allow the stop and shopping trip to occur. She was 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time.
The crew learned that on trip it was the Prime Minister's birthday so they had a big cake made and presented to him on the flight.
When Jeff was base commander at CFB Trenton for 2 years, he participated in 4 VIP trips, including the Pope, the Queen, the Queen mother, and Prince Charles and Dianna.
The Pope flies Al Italia to country he is visiting. Then in Canada for 10 day visit Jeff and his crew flew Pope to various cities across Canada. This was Pope John Paul II. There was a large enteraige of Cardinals and Bishops, and they drank a lot of wine. Jeff was the only protestant on the flight. It was terrific trip. At one point when plane in contact with Air traffic control out of Boston, the Pope came into the cockpit and asked to speak to President Reagan. They were able to make it happen. When flying VIP's they have to be on time to the minute. Leaving St. John they were a little late, so they got permission to fly at low level and they pushed it to get back on schedule which they did.
Jeff flew Prince Charles and Dianna from Heathrow to Victoria BC. Jeff was invited to talk with Prince Charles. He noted that Dianna was very thin. On this trip Jeff had one of his worst landings, he 'thundered in'.
The Queen Mother was like a grandmother to Jeff, a very nice and sweet lady. Going to Edmonton they had to divert due to bad weather to Cold Lake at very short notice. The base a Cold Lake had to scramble to prepare to receive the Queen Mother and then entertain her for about 3 hours until the weather improved and they could resume the trip. The base commander at Cold Lake later became Jeff's boss and never let Jeff forget that event.
Service Above Self