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Brighton Rotary News Jan 15 2021
We have a Brighton Rotary Channel. Check out:
Members: 7
Guests: Andy Smith - Actor, Author, Partner and Father
1. Holiday Card from DKSHA. This one more personal thanking club for support to individual through DKSHA for well being and education. Although can't read signature.
Smile: blush
  • R Chris advised that RI dues for second half of year has been paid.
  • R Liesje submitted a couple of sketches for Hoselton ornaments.
  • R Liesje also compiling list to start organizing for spring on-line auction.
  • Looking for speakers for February.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • 2020 Rotary District Conference theme is 'Heroes and Champions' and will be now April 9 to 11, 2021, at Pan Pacific Toronto (formerly Weston Prince Hotel).
Sharing Pot: all are encouraged to share as they are able or willing.
Happy Bucks: Andy and Liesje's working together to prepare great presentation, old stamp collection from England getting into as new project, to be here, not affected by COVID because always do lots at home, great presentation, Liesje looking after things so don't have to worry about bills, New York scenes and reminiscing about school trip about 1975, family were Loyalists who left, no place like home, Pearsal's corner on Long Island, fascinating presentation, getting though days, just crazy but not enough to get on stage, to get snow, living through 30 feet of winter snow and that was enough, 20 winters south, 5 years with Liesje, living in Brighton.
Rotary Minute:
R Jeff shared and showed us new Rotary face mask acquired from a Stirling Rotarian. Black with Rotary logo on side and other features including adjustable strap around ears and filter.
Who is Andy Smith
R Liesje introduced her partner Andy Smith. Andy is a multi faceted person with a versatile career. Originally from Manhattan New York who followed a women to Montreal.
Andy acknowledged technical support from Liesje to prepare this presentation.
Who is Andy Smith?
Actor - Writer - Partner - Father
Andy has 3 children. The oldest boy lives in Toronto. His other son and daughter live in Nova Scotia.
Over 30 years ago Andy moved to Canada, first to Montreal then to Halifax for about 20 years.
Andy shared his past through a few short videos.
He was raised in a cradle of love and kindness from both grandparents and mother and father. The family had a sense of humour, finding the funny parts of life. He learned to express himself in music. He grew up in New York. Andy has a passion for studying people, to watch what makes them tick. He is a keen observer of people and this has helped in his career as an actor.
Formally he studied English.
His father was in sales.
Andy and Liesje have created some comedic Youtube shows: Vern 'n Charlene and Friends.
Andy is able to tap into a wealth of a fertile imagination.
He is a writer of Books with Heart.
Zayde's Arcade is taken from childhood memories and stories. Andy's grandfather had a penny arcade on Coney Island. Zayde's Arcade is a coming of age story in Coney Island, a young man of 16 meets a girl but not everything goes smoothly. Andy remembers the arcade as constant noise and lots of people.
Andy and Liesje have had book signings at Chapters and Barnes and Nobles.
At age of 45 Andy had a midlife crisis that took him into acting. First with local community theatre, working up to extras, silent on camera, to speaking parts. He has 2 agents, one in Halifax and one in Toronto. He enjoys comedy and has been in:
Trailer Park Boys
Beach Girls
Call Me Fitz
Also commercials for Coca Cola and Atlantic Film Festival.
Also voice actor.
He has a podcast he hosts 'Eternal Child'.
In Nova Scotia to pay the bills he had his own tour company and Ghost tours.
In these pandemic times, the film business is getting re-started, taking numerous safety precautions. He enjoys live theater but does film and TV for the money.
Andy said he was always a clown. He enjoys acting and pretending to be someone else. He has no formal acting training, but has taken private lessons.
R Clay thanked Andy for his very interesting presentation and sharing he personal story.
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