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Brighton Rotary News March 5 2021
We have a Brighton Rotary Channel. Check out:
Members: 7
Guests: Rotarian Rob Pope from Campbellford, Rotarian Richard Mewhinney from the Rotary Club of Newmarket
1. ENSS letter regarding end of year Awards for Graduating students (Technology, Geography / Environmental Studies, Business).
Smile: blush
Four men were at the NHH waiting for their wives to deliver.  The Dr. told the 1st man that he had twins and the man said “that’s strange – I work for the Minnesota Twins”  The Dr. told the 2nd man that he had triplets & the man said “I work for 3M”.  The 3rd man was told he had quadruplets & he said “weird, I work for 4 Seasons”  The last man said “I don’t want to hear it – I work for Venture 13”.
(R Craig you are missed)
  • We will have a board meeting Tuesday March 23 at 6:30pm.
  • Diners and Duffers Books drafted and being proofed. Expect available mid March for sale beginning March 20 for old price of $35 each.
  • Bottle Drive at Curling Club parking lot March 20, 2021. We can sell Diners and Duffers books this day. Duty roster being filled.
  • Auction Committee meeting for planned on-line auction in May.
  • Jan Hoselton expecting new equipment to help with proposed designs.
  • Looking for speakers in late April.
  • Update on water filters in Brasil: Filters purchased and hope to deliver April 10th pending okay from government and pandemic restrictions. They will make video and looking for input from participating clubs.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • Colborne Rotary holding St. Patrick's Day take home style dinner Friday March 12th. Catered by King's Plate. Drive through pick up at Keeler Centre in Colborne.
  • D7070 Tuesday Talks - March 9th will be Youth Services and our former inbound Exchange Students Eloisa will be a presenter. Go to District Website to sign up..
  • 2020 Rotary District Conference theme is 'Heroes and Champions' and will be now April 9 to 11, 2021, at Pan Pacific Toronto (formerly Weston Prince Hotel). District is working on how to move forward with this event, possibly some 'in person' events and virtually.
  • Rotary Club of Ajax celebrating 70 years March 21, 2021.
  • Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup April 24, 2021. Join 15 Districts and 500 clubs. Consider cleaning up along Butler Creek in Brighton.
  • Celebrating Women in Rotary D7070 March 8, 2021. District looking to form a committee to recognize and celebrate International Women's Day March 8.
  • Go to District web site for more information on any of these events.
  • Check out the District Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube channels to see what is happening in the District.
Song: someday soon we hope
Sharing Pot: all are encouraged to share as they are able or willing.
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Rotary Minute: from R Chris from RI magazine
To go into or out of a COVID-19 patient’s room, we have a process. There’s a little vestibule between the hallway and the patient’s room. Before you go into the room, you wash your hands and then you put on a gown, gloves, and a helmet that goes over your whole head and neck. It is important to show my patients that behind all of these layers, I’m still just like them. I try to reassure them that they’re not alone. When you leave the room, you take off your gown and your gloves in the vestibule, throw them away, wash your hands, put on another pair of gloves, then take off your shield. You have to clean the shield and hang it to dry, and then you have to take your gloves off and wash your hands again.
Ungutoi Health Centre in Northern Uganda
R Clay introduced Rotarian Richard Mewhinney, Past President and PE of the Rotary Club of Newmarket. Richard is a Mortgage Broker and joined Rotary in 2007. He is Chair for the D7070 Water and Sanitation Committee. Richard makes regular trips to Northern Uganda since 2009 regarding the Ungutoi Health Centre project.
Richard has been involved in the Ungutoi Health Centre since 2009 and he has made 24 trips to the site in northern Uganda.
Health care is free in Uganda. The specific goal of Richard's presentation today is about their plans to make the Health Centre sustainable and revenue neutral.
There were many people displaced during the LRA uprisings and the area of northern Uganda of Ungutoi is populated by 100% displaced persons. They are working to rebuild their lives, community and economy.
In 2009 they had a small rat and bat infested clinic. Since 2009 with help they have created a fully functional health centre with a lab. They see 1000  patients per month. They have a live birth daily and mortality was over 10% has dropped to less than 1%. They provide enhanced HIV/ AIDS treatment.
The specific project Richard is presenting to us today, is a rain harvesting project for irrigation of orange trees to make the Health Clinic economically sustainable in the future. This will allow them to purchase needed medications and salaries.
They started with a Pilot project initially to work out details and make adjustments. They have a 14 acre site. Oranges do well in the area provided they have enough water. There is a new processing plant built in the region so demand for fruit is there. Orange trees produce for 25 years and the return on investment estimated at 3 to 4 years.
They are planting Valencia oranges. They can produce fruit all year long with water. Northern Uganda has long dry seasons and no significant surface water sources around and taking too much ground water can deplete the acquifers.
They developed Community Engagement and using Israeli technology, the have developed a rain harvesting system. With a lack of 'roofs' in the orchard, they are creating water collection platforms.
They installed a large cistern to store the rain water, drip irrigation system and solar powered pumps and large water collection platforms that are cleaned daily to keep these large wide concrete platforms free of dust and debris.
Irrigation system is only used in the dry periods but these can last 6 months.
With initial successes, they have been expanding the orchard and the rain water collections systems in the last couple years.
The have created a 'Demonstration' garden to show and teach locals how to harvest rain and grow in their own properties. It is a 'One Village One Community' model. Local workers from the Health Centre teach their neighbours.
They are getting a lot of interest from the Ugandan government as well as others in and around the region and other countries too.
For drip irrigation residents learn to use old plastic water bottles with pin holes in them, or they make clay pots with straw wicks in the clay to release water to the ground slowly.
They are teaching people to prune the orange trees to create a proper canopy. They expect to start selling fruit in 2021.
Phase 4 of the project includes a District Grant of $22,500 and is to expand the rainwater collection system in 2021.
In 2022 they are planning to apply for a Global Grant and are working to create a partnership with a local Rotary Club.
The water from the collection system is filtered. The in ground cistern can be cleaned in future if needed. All power for the pumps is generated by solar as there is no grid in the region. The have battery storage. The irrigation system is Israeli technology and needs a little pressure in the lines for the water distribution to the drip system.
The rainwater collection system utilizes the grade of the land to collect the water on large concrete platforms.
R Chris thanked Richard for the presentation. On behalf of the Rotary Club of Brighton, Chris said a cheque for $250 will be sent to the Rotary Club of Newmarket for this project. Richard will use this as seed money for the Global Grant.
Service Above Self