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Brighton Rotary News Aug 31 2022
Members: 9
Guests: Terri Lynn Jenkins
1. I am pleased to acknowledge the efforts of clubs around District 7070 in engaging in actions that contribute to Rotary’s newest Area of Focus -  Supporting the Environment. In the last two years, many clubs have formed environmental committees and engaged in projects. District 7070’s Environmental Action Committee would like to help build on this foundation by gathering information on what is already happening in the environmental area across the district, providing ideas for projects and connecting clubs in joint activities. You can help by letting us know:
  • The name and contact details for the Environment Committee within your club if you have one. If you do not presently have an environmental committee, please feel free to provide contact details of someone who may be interested in environmental activities.
  • A list of environmental activities your club has been involved in or is planning. This does not need to be an exhaustive list at this point. We will follow up for more details.
Subsequently, a member of our committee will contact your club’s designate for more details about you club’s environmental activities. I would greatly appreciate a response by September 9th, 2022, as thus information will be helpful in taking the next steps, which may include organizing an district wide information session. Your club secretary is also copied on this email. If you have any questions, please contact me via email or phone. Thank you for your cooperation. With best regards, Nilam Bedi, Chair, Environmental Action Committee Rotary District 7070.
2.  Foundation Walk - Every non covid year our district, 7070, holds a Walk to raise awareness and money for the Rotary Foundation
Foundation is the charity arm of Rotary international.  The money raised by the Foundation goes to support the good works that Rotarians achieve each year worldwide.
The mission of the Foundation is…helping Rotary members to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace by improving health, providing quality education and alleviating poverty.
The Walk this year is being held at Cullen Gardens, Whitby and is hosted by the Durham Rotary Clubs on Sunday September 25 from 10-2pm. There will be walks of differing lengths, so everyone can participate. Bring your family, bring you pets. Lunch will be provided.
The Walk encourages us to donate money annually. The Foundation program is “Every Rotarian Every Year”.  Our club Foundation Committee is responsible for soliciting the membership.  You will be hearing me asking the club for donations for the next few weeks. Donations can be made in the form of a cheque
3.  Upcoming Events in our District:  Songs of Hope Concert!
  • Rotary Whitby has organized a Songs of Hope Concert in support of Ukrainians displaced by the war
  • We are working with Ukrainian based Rotary Clubs, and the proceeds raised will go to:
    • Desperately needed medications (in partnership with HPI)
    • The purchase of a surgical table (to operate on injured soldiers and civilians)
    • Winter clothing (coats etc.) - Many citizens fled their homes with only the clothes they were wearing at the time
  • The concert is being held at the beautiful Port Perry Theatre September 24 (2 shows - 6:00p & 8:00p) 
    • Performances will include individuals who have performed on Broadway, Toronto Stages and Stratford(see flyer attached below)
    •  CLICK HERE to Purchase Tickets
4.  ShelterBox has delpoyed an emergency response team to Pakistan after severe monsoon has flooding left thousands of people with nowhere to live. Over 33 million people have been affected by the severe flooding. People's homes have sunk in flood water or been swept away. More than 1,100 people have lost their lives and this number is still climbing.
"The flood waters are fast and lethal. They do not discriminate. They are sweeping away anything in their path including people, homes, and livelihoods."  - ShelterBox Regional Director for Asia, Harron Altaf
Smile: blush
Rotarian Steve walks into a bookstore and a nice lady  asked him if she could help. He said, “I am looking for a book with the title “At Home the Man is in Charge”. OK she said, “Go to the third floor, row F and look under the section Fairy Tales.
  • Next board meeting will be held at R Chris's home on Sept 13th.
  • We are looking for speakers
  • Applefest Food Booth September 24. Duty roster circulated. ADG Rick Riley will help in afternoon
  • District Governor schedule to speak to us September 7th.
  • R Clay - Elizabeth has rent money for next 5 months
  • Jinni from Trenton Rotary asking about starting up Rotary Spelling Bee for 2023. Next meeting Sept 20.
  • R Steve suggested we may want to schedule social to Capitol Theatre in Port Hope in December for Panto - Sleeping Beauty?
  • Bottle drive suggested for Saturday October 1.
  • Brighton will participate in Diners and Duffers in 2023.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • Foundation Walk at Heber Downs Conservation area / Cullen Gardens - September 25th.
  • We Have A Dream - District Conference October 14 to 16 at Nottawasaga Inn.
  • World Polio Day 2022 Live from Durham College October 20 from 6pm to 8pm.
  • Go to District web site for more information on any of these events.
  • Check out the District Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube channels to see what is happening in the District. Past Tuesday Talks available for viewing.
Song: The Happy Wonderer
Sharing Pot: $20 won by R Daniel who donated it to the Rotary Foundation.
Happy Bucks: to be here, Labour Day Weekend, end of summer, likes fall, beautiful history of club, weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake and Shaw Festival, presentation, two weeks with grandkids ended, James survived 19th birthday, family reunion, great to be here and learn history, respite afternoon with daughter wine tasting in the County, thank you Daniel.
Rotary Minute:
R Rudy shared: The Permanent Fund of The Rotary Foundation
It was Arch Klumph, father of the Rotary Foundation, who said, 'We should look at the Foundation as being not something of today or tomorrow, but think of it in terms of years and generations to  come.' That's why the Foundation's Permanent Fund is considered the most important way to ensure the future of Rotary's educational and humanitarian programs. Contributions to this fund, formerly called the Endowment for World Understanding and Peace, are invested for the future. Only earning from their investment are used to support Foundation programs. Ultimately, it is intended that the Permanent Fund will provide a steady and secure supplement to Foundation support, always guaranteeing a minimum level of program activity and allowing for the possibility of new and expanded programs in the future.
The Foundation gives special recognition to anyone who includes a substantial gift to the Permanent Fund in his or her estate plan or gives outright a minimum cash gift of US$1,000 to the fund. Such a donor is designated as a Rotary Foundation Benefactor. In 1998, there were more than 36,000 Benefactors world wide.
History of the Rotary Club of Brighton
Rotarian and founding member of the Rotary Club of Brighton Daniel Thompson provided an oral history of the club.
In the fall of 1988, local Accountant Al Ronnenberg approached several area business men about forming a Rotary Club in Brighton. Al was originally from Germany and immigrated to Montreal first where he was a Rotary member. He later moved to Brighton and opened his own accounting firm and joined the Colborne Rotary Club.
Al had the idea that Rotary should participate in the local Applefest activities and he organized with the Rotary Club of Colborne an Octoberfest style beer garden at the arena on Friday night of Applefest weekend. From that event, Al thought Brighton should have their own club and therefore he started talking to fellow businessman in Town.
An initial committee was formed which included Daniel Thompson, Bob Briden (a former Rotarian from Port Hope) and Al's son Jens as well as others. The committee recruited the minimum 25 initial members with the Rotary Club of Colborne as our sponsor club. Colborne provided us with our bell and gavel, the podium, banner and the fur lined pot used for fines and happy bucks.
Traditionally Rotary clubs met for dinner or lunch. A breakfast meeting was relatively new, but worked for many to have meeting in the morning before starting their work day. At first Monday morning at 7:15 was chosen but soon changed to Friday's as some business people needed Monday morning to get staff organized for the week.
Brighton's Charter Night was a gala dress up affair at Little Lake Pavilion on June 14, 1989.
The Rotary Club of Brighton first met at Gables Restaurant owned by a Swiss couple. It was a buffet breakfast. Bob Briden was our first President.
In 1992, Willy the owner of the Gables broke a leg while on a SeaDoo so James and Jackie McDougal were asked if they would host Rotary temporarily at their restaurant Dougal's. Dougal's eventually became our permanent home for many years as the club grew to over 60 members briefly. Some of our growth came from other clubs who had members who would visit us for makeups, enjoyed it and transferred. One of the transfers was Ernie Everingham who signed up for everything and always participated. When he left the club named the Rotarian of the Year award in Ernie's memory.
Cheryl Roy was Brighton Rotary's first female member. Jackie McDougal was our first female President.
When we moved from Dougal's we have had many homes over the last decade including; the Legion, the Lion's hall / community centre, Zach's Diner, Harbourview, JR's and the Smokehouse.
We had the rights to sell Tilley Hats world wide to Rotarians and this was a major fund raiser for a few years, selling at Rotary International Conventions.
We have a long history of participation in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.
In the early 1990's we started the annual dinner and auction as a fundraiser, first at the Masonic Hall then moving to the arena.
There are many reasons to be Proud to be a Rotary member in Brighton. There have also been a few 'characters' in the club and also a few 'clashes'.
The Rotary Club of Brighton continues to have a presence in the community.
Service Above Self