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Aug 08, 2020
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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Brighton Rotary News August 7 2020
Rotary on the Patio - The new normal, we meet together on The Smoke House Patio (social distancing observed)
Note that this is our first meeting that was captured on video. We have a Brighton Rotary Channel. R Liesje will edit and post clips of Rotary antics. Do we have too much fun? If anyone has issue and does not want their image posted, advise R Liesje.
Members: 12
Guests: no guests, so sad
President Joyce presented R Emily with a new Director and President Elect pins.
1. Past Rotarian Ted Harp says he is working harder than ever and expects to work at least another 5 years. However, things are okay.
2. New inquiry from Dr. Tessa, new to the area, asking about Brighton Rotary.
3. Everyone received emails this week about Rotarian Wilf Wilkinson's fall and in recovery. Doing much better now. Club to send card if secretary gets on the ball.
4. Request to participate in Global Grant project with 100 other clubs in the Guatemala Literacy Project.
Smile: blush
R Craig was talking to Shane this week. Shane said he got up one morning this week and found Joyce face down on the kitchen floor. Shane started to panic until he remembered that McDonald's serves breakfast late.
  • Brighton Rotary Stay at Home Rib Fest - tomorrow. R Clay passed out final duty roster (it has been emailed to all Rotarians). We sold 172 meals. It starts at 4pm Saturday afternoon. This is a first, so there may be some learning to do.We'll have a debrief next week. Come prepared to wear masks if preparing meals. Wear Rotary shirts etc. R Liesje will video the event.
  • Next board meeting Tuesday August 18th at the home of R Emily.  6:30pm. Emily is at 27 Meade Street in Brighton.
  • RI Global Grant for Brazil water project G-2165 has been approved. Rogerio has set up bank account in Brazil.
  • Club is interested in participating in the Wellington Rotary bottle drive. We will collect bottles at Brighton By The Bay Community Centre parking lot August 14, 15 and 16 from 11am to 3pm each day. R Chris circulated a duty roster to attend the trailer.
  • In process of organizing District Governor visit / presentation. Likely will be via Zoom and in partnership with Stirling and Quinte Sunrise. Most clubs are still meeting via Zoom.
  • Possible Hoselton fundraiser for Brighton Rotary that Jan is offering Brighton Rotary - Christmas decorations annually.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • D7070 is bringing us 'Tuesday Talks' starting July 14th from 7pm to 8pm. Sign up on line
  • August 20th there will be an on-line New Member workshop specifically geared to new Rotarian's who joined since January 1, 2019. An invitation will go out by mid August. This Zoom session will review Rotary organization.
  • 2020 Rotary District Conference theme is 'Heroes and Champions' and will be held at Toronto Weston Prince Hotel October 23-25, 2019.
  • Rotary District 7070 is going to the Dominican Republic March Break 2021. A service opportunity - sweat equity.
Song: no time today to sing
Sharing Pot: R Rudy is donating $22 to the Foundation.
Happy Bucks: beautiful story / presentation, sunshine, new day, mom had staples out and doing well, girls day out, overwhelmed by people here, long list why happy but keeping it to himself, remembering fun with Bob and Pat, great talk from an airforce guy, participated in a Zoom District diversity and inclusion committee meeting, presentation had him on the edge of his seat, for rain, another beautiful day in paradise.
Rotary Minute: The Rotary Foundation - Your Gift at Work
The power of Rotary lies in our global network of community leaders and technical experts who share our mission to improve health, support education, and alleviate poverty. Working as partners we achieve lasting change through the combination  of local oversight and the resources of an international organization.
Although Rotary gives back in countless ways, we focus our service efforts in six areas to maximize our local and global impact: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, saving mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local communities.
Every Rotarian is encouraged to participate in a Foundation project and make a personal gift to the Annual Fund every year.
Bob Burke's Classification
R Daniel introduced Honorary Rotarian Bob as a very active Rotarian with a military back ground.
Bob said he had several careers, but today he is focusing on his Military Career that began in 1954 at age 18. He was born and raised in Kingston Ontario and had a dream of being a fighter pilot. However, the military advised that their pilot quota was full, would be consider becoming a navigator. Bob said yes.
Contrary to what Bob envisioned by leaving high school, he started military training as a navigator and did more schooling than he expected. 8am to 4pm every day for 18 months. Then when done, they thought he as too young so they sent him home until 1958 when he  went back and was sent to Winnipeg for navigation training.
While in Winnipeg, his best friend had to go away and asked Bob to look after the best friends girl. But when the friend came back, Bob told him to get another girl. Bob met Pat in Winnipeg in January. In March he was being posted to PEI and while at home with his parents he decided to ask Pat to marry him. She had just turned 19 and told Bob he would have to ask her parents. Pat was studying nursing at the time but gave it up for Bob. They became engaged in May and were married 60 years ago August 6, 1960 in Winnipeg.
Bob was posted to Comax for 4 years where they had their first child. Then off to Cold Lake Alberta to track satelites (before there were many). Very cold in Cold Lake (-40 celcius to -93 with wind chill). In winter they got some sun about 10:30am and it went down about 3:30pm. But in summer it never really got dark. Satelites started to become important. They primarily worked at night filming the sky and plotting satelites against star charts. They worked long hours as they were short staffed.
Then Headquarters called and Bob was less then respectful it seems to a senior officer and was immediately transferred to a radar post in Quebec, very remote. They went from the very cold in Alberta to lots of snow (22 feet) in Quebec. Bob said he enjoyed this posting and stayed an extra year.
In 1968 he transferred to Trenton where he stayed until retirement in 1980. Initially he flew a lot (away typically 6 months of the year), so he was rarely home. So he asked to stop flying and stay on the ground, so he became the Protocol officer and PR (position now filled by team of 6). As Protocol officer he had duties regularly senior staff arrived and then planes came and went from Trenton frequently.
He was asked to speak to the Trenton Rotary Club about Protocol and he advised he didn't know anything about it, he just looked it up in a book. This made the local press. He had some run ins with press and even put press agent in jail for a while.
As Pat had given up her schooling to follow Bob around and raise the kids, she decided to go back to school, first to local High School to get grade 13, then Loyalist College for nursing. However, after her first year at Loyalist Bob was asked to go on a military exchange to the United Kingdom for 2 years. Pat encourage this too so off they went. Pat finished her nursing when they returned.
Bob retired in 1980 and started a second career with cables and marketing which he claims he could not spell. This took them to Burlington and later to Grimsby where they could better support their daughter and granddaughter. Bob really enjoyed looking after his 15 month old granddaughter for 3 months.
During these years, Bob and Pat frequently returned to the Quinte area for reunions and so they decided to move here, but not to Trenton or Belleville. So they found Brighton and after 22 moves they find they feel at home and a part of the community here in Brighton.
Wanting to give back, Bob joined the Museum at the base in Trenton as a volunteer to give tours. That is all he wanted to do. But recruited to the board, serving also as Chairman during the expansion /building program.
Bob has always loved libraries, so he got involved at the Brighton library. Again he was recruited to the board where he has served 12 years and 9 as chairman. He finds the service very rewarding.
When he first moved to Brighton he joined Lions, but then found Rotary and appreciates the people and fellowship.
President Joyce thanked Bob for his story.
Service Above Self