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Brighton Rotary News Feb 14 2020
Members: 7
Guests: Inbound Exchange Student Daniella from the Faro Islands
Smile: blush
  • Next club directors meeting will be Tuesday March 24 at 6:30pm at home of President Daniel.
  • POD#1 to organize speakers for March!!
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • D7070 Foundation Grant Writing Workshop will be held at Whitby Public Library Saturday February 29 from 9am to 2pm. Lunch provided.
  • 2020 Rotary District Conference theme is 'Heroes and Champions' and will be held at Toronto Weston Prince Hotel October 23-25, 2019.
  • Northumberland Sunrise holding 'Men Who Cook vs. Women Who Sizzle' fundraiser at Port Hope Recreation Centre, 62 McCaul Street, Saturday March 28th at 6pm. Tickets $45 each. R Steve cooking.
Daniella's Report:  
Daniella's Bucket List:
Play hockey
Niagara Falls
CN tower
Algonquien Park
See a moose
See a beaver
See a possum
See a bear
Play in the snow
Volunteer (animal shelter?)
See leaves change color
Ottawa (skate on the Rideau canal)
Go skiing
Swim in Lake Ontario
Cliff jump (?😬)
See the northern lights
Go to New York City?
See a baseball game
See a rugby game
See an american football game
See a ice hockey game
Try beaver tail (not from a real beaver)
Sharing: won by R Ricardo who donated to Foundation.
Happy Bucks: for presentation, for student exchange, always happy, for heated garage, for skating on canal at Ottawa
Rotary Minute:  February is Peacebuilding and conflict prevention month.
New POD's for 2020
POD#1 - Murray, Chris, Joyce, Victoria, Mark, Jeff W and Steve
POD#2 - Ricardo, Jeff P, Emily, Craig, Rudy, Liesje, Clay
Daniella's story
Daniella's home town is Torshavn with a population of 20,000. The Faroe Islands total population is about 50,000. The Faroe Islands are a self governing territory of Denmark, halfway between Scotland and Iceland in the North Atlantic. The island is about 1,399 square kilometers with an extensive coast line. There are 18 islands with 2 uninhabited by permanent residents. The average temperature is 3 to 11 degrees celceus. Fishing, farming and tourism are the main industries. They have excellent roads and undersea tunnels as well as ferry services. The national flower is solja.
Daniella attends high school with about 1,500 students. There is a university of Faroe Islands with about 1,000 students. Sports include rowing, soccer, and handball. There are cultural museums, national theatre and symphony orchestra.
The Rotary Club of Torshavn in Dist 1440 was chartered in 1968. There is a second club on the islands and they send 2 students on exchange annually.
Daniella is 17. She is introverted extrovert. She is very family oriented and has lots of friends.
National costume is worn on important occasions such as graduation and confirmation.
She has a younger brother and sister.
Her hobbies include board games, member of scouts and plays handball.
She had a part time job at home at a clothing store and bakery.
Also choir for kids 10 to 18.
Her cat is named Duchess.
She enjoys traveling with her family and scouts.
On exchange she has enjoyed the beach, drama club, trips such as skating on Rideau Canal and spending time with the other exchange students.
She is going on camping trip for outdoor education course to Algonquin and Kawartha.
She hopes to see Canada, Wonderland and Niagara Falls. She will be attending the exchange East Coast bus trip with other exchange students.
On the Faroe Islands the sheep are fitted with video cameras connected to internet and can be viewed on line.
When she returns home, she will return to school and then to university in Denmark.
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