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Brighton Rotary News January 26 2018
Members: 13
Guests: Lidia Vouchak as a prospective member
  • card of appreciation from R Grant Southwell to club for concern and support of the passing of Dianne
  • Letter of appreciation from Disaster Aid USA for Club's support last year
  • No Frills $1,000 raffle in March. R Murray will circulate sign up sheet for shifts each weekend in March next week
  • R Ricardo advised that Exchange student Emmy moved to her new host family this weekend, to Kristina Ward on Harbour Street. She is in exams this week. We hope to see more of her in coming weeks. She and new outbound will go on Rotary outdoor trip to Ganaraska Forest in mid February.
  • R Chris advised that due to recent misappropriation of funds with Lighthouse society, Brighton Rotary needs to tighten checks and balances and this will be on next board agenda.
  • District Conference next year to be held in Wellington October 27th. 'Rotary Reunion'. Easy to attend and minimal cost. Register in D7070 web site, also opportunity to host fellow Rotarian from away.
  • Adult Spelling Bee at Trenton Rotary January 29, Brighton defending champions. R Dan T, R Victoria and R Clay will defend Brighton's reign.
  • Too bad and too sad to those who missed a great fellowship and concert January 21 - Port Hope, Cobourg and Northumberland Sunrise with Northumberland Orchestra & Choir present 'Glorious Hollywood' at Port Hope United Church.
  • Campbellford Super Hero Trivia Night - Saturday February 24 at Rotary Hall. Doors open at 6pm, starts at 7pm. $100 entry per team of up to 8 members. Prizes and fun. To register contact Rob Pope at 705-760-1608 or Email:
  • R Dave is looking for someone to step up and help represent Brighton Rotary at the local school spelling bee committee.
  • Loyalist College undergraduate awards event March 1, 2018. Looking for representative for Rotary busary.
  • RLI sessions to be held at Centennial College February 24. Go to District 7070 website for more info.
  • Grants Qualification Seminar to be held Saturday Feb 10 at Oshawa Golf and Country Club. 8:30am to 1:30pm. We need 2 to attend or we cannot participate in District and Global Grants.
Membership Challenge
Time Period - December 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018
1. Teams consist of each of the 3 POD's.
2. Points: 1 point for the presence of a guest as a potential member; 2 points if the guest takes a membership application; 3 points when the guest is inducted.
3. Upon receipt of the application, the usual process for dealing with the application is to be followed.
4. The team at March 31 with the greatest number of points is the winner.
5. Members of the winning team (POD) are to be treated to a breadfast at the expense of the losing teams at a regular Breakfast meeting.
Suggestion - POD's can identify potential individuals to be approached and a Rotarian to approach and invite the individual to join us.
Scores - POD#1 = 1+2 for Lidia taking application Jan 12
POD#2 and POD#3 have some work to do.
Song - This Land is Your Land
50/50 - $17.00 won by R Al
Happy Bucks:  for presentation, fascinating classification, warmer weather, R Keith can give short presentations, starting new course to teach older adults fitness, to be here, youngest grandchild 2 today, son into playoffs, no reason to be unhappy.
Rotary Minute: R Patty shared interesting story of carrots, eggs and coffee beans and how they react to being boiled for 20 minutes. There was an analogy to people and how we react to stress and adversity.
Student - Emmy's Bucket List
Christmas and Fairs
Join different sports
Blue Jay game
Wonderland in Toronto
Riding a forest trail in the fall
Fire a firework in daylight
Try surfing
Joining YMCA
Classification of Rotarian Keith Joyce
Classification of Rotarian Keith
Keith was born in England.
Keith intended to be a teacher with his wife Eleanor and the two of them had ideas of working as a team in the north or other hard to get to places. However, the summer before he started Teachers College, he had a summer job in Toronto with kids. He had about 20 boys ages 4 to 8 that he would pick up in the morning. With this experience he realized he did not want to be a teacher. He found the experience frustrating to the point when he once got the axe down from the front of the bus he was driving.
So instead of going to Teachers College, he became a curator of Enoch free school that was affiliated / connected to an Anglican Church. One day while having lunch with local Anglican Priest, Keith told the Priest he once thought of being a minister.
At this time Keith was married and any decision he made would need Eleanor's approval as it would significantly affect her. He also had to answer the question; What does God want?
In the Anglican church, the answer to that question is not easily answered. There is an extensive and rigorous process to follow.
Keith was ordained in 1982. It is not an easy job, certainly not just an hour on Sunday's.
In 1983, Keith's first Parish was in Brighton. To come to Brighton there was a significant interplay between Keith, the congregation and the Bishop. Keith was in Brighton 4 years before moving to Quebec's Eastern Townships for 9 years. He was then in New Brunswick near St. John for almost 3 years before going to the Cathedral in Fredericton where he was Dean for 14 years. He has been back in Brighton for 4 years.
He was in Fredericton for a long as he was because the time worked well for Eleanor's teaching career. She was able to complete her Masters and she had a good job.
Keith and Eleanor met at the University of Toronto. Keith obtained a degree in Music. When they were married he had long hair and a beard.
Back to the beginning, Keith was born in England. His parents were missionaries. As a babe, they emigrated to Canada, but then went to Lebanon where he went to school from ages 4 to 10. He went to an Arab school, speaking arabic.
He came back to Canada and spent about a year in both Saskatoon and Winnigeg, then to the United Arab Emirates. While his family was in the UAE Keith went to boarding school in India. Then back to Toronto, then Lebanon again and finally finishing high school in Saskatoon.
So he isn't sure where he is from.
Service Above Self