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Brighton Rotary News March 26 2021
We have a Brighton Rotary Channel. Check out:
Members: 7
Guests: Rotarian Bob Biffei President of the Rotary Club of Port Hope.
cheque from R Daniel for Diners and Duffers ad.
Smile: blush
From R Liesje:
(Read with an Irish accent)
Catholic Priest Father Bobby while driving is stopped by a police officer for driving erratically. When the police officer asks what the Father is drinking the Priest says water. The police officer asks to see the water which he is given. The police officer tells him that it is not water, but wine. The Priest exclaims 'Holy Father! he's done it again'.
  • We will have a board meeting Tuesday April 20 at 6:30pm.
  • Diners and Duffers Books are going fast. We originally got 125 and have received another 11 from Stirling Club. They are $35 each. Please advise R Chris if you have any not sold or need more.
  • Bottle Drive March 20, 2021 a big success. Trailer full mid-day. R Craig got his trailer and using it and truck took two loads to Beer store, the second time to Colborne because Brighton store had no more room. Gross earnings $1180 for the day. A big thanks to returned exchange student Ethan Taylor who worked hard with us for 4 hours.
  • $500 from bottle drive committed to Food Bank and another $500 to young local 4 year old Mason through Five Counties for his special needs.
  • Next Bottle Drive to be held Saturday April 17th.
  • Auction Committee meeting for planned on-line auction in May. Go out and collect donations!!
  • Hoselton designs waiting on new equipment.
  • Looking for speakers in late April.
  • Update on water filters in Brasil: Filters purchased and hope to deliver April 10th pending okay from government and pandemic restrictions. They will make video and looking for input from participating clubs.
  • Some of the Cobourg Rotarians took it upon themselves to ensure that all preparations were in place when the call arrived to prepare the sight at the Cobourg Community centre. When it arrived, they mobilized their team and the CCC was ready in 24 hours. Now it’s time for us to do what we do best - volunteer-. We will be requiring about 60 volunteers per day , 30 per 4 hour shifts. ( 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.) Volunteers will not be put in harms way and will be totally equipped with the necessary protection. Some of the jobs will be di rectional, parking assistance, helping the elderly, etc.. If anyone is interested in volunteering please let me know your preferred time slot and dates. See attached information from the Rotary Club of Cobourg.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • You are invited to the New Members Gettogether - April 8th. Please click on the link below to attend or decline. You can also book family and friends.  This will be of interest to Rotarians who have joined in the past 2 years.  Event: New Members Gettogether - April 8th  Date: Apr 08, 2021 7:00 PM  - Apr 08, 2021 8:00 PM  Fee:  Location: Zoom  
  • Please join us for 2021 Virtual Convention: Rotary Opens Opportunities, 12-16 June. Registration opens in mid-April. This year’s event will connect you, virtually, with members around the world. It will open new opportunities to learn and to engage with the family of Rotary, near and far. Together, we’ll inspire action, strengthen our commitments, work on our challenges, and celebrate our successes.
  • Youth Exchange - The Inside Scoop Date: Mar 30, 2021 7:00 PM  - Mar 30, 2021 8:00 PM 
  • Last year, we launched a new strategic plan for Rotary District 7070 (see attached).    To help us monitor the effectiveness of this plan, we are now issuing this short survey.
  • New or Updated District Policies as reviewed and approved by the  District 7070 Governance Committee District 7070 Guideline of Policies and Procedures and District Leadership Plan – The major changes in the document include the restructuring of the Zones for the Foundation Walk, the reference to the policies attached and the removal of the list of awards. District 7070 Youth Exchange Policies and Procedures – This is a current policy that has been updated to make it more modern.  There was a question at the Governance Committee regarding the definition of a volunteer and whether all members of a club are captured in the definition.  I have connected with Patti on this and she stressed that the definition is consistent with youth exchange policies and is already in place in the District.  We will have further discussion at a future meeting. RI Policy Abuse and Harassment – This is a new policy that is required by law. District 7070 Vulnerable Sector Protection Policy – This is a new policy that replaces the short policy statement that we had in the P&P. Crisis Management Plan – We were asked to prepare a plan to guide us in a crisis.  It was created using the RI and other District policies as a template.   Thank you in advance for your time and attention to these important additions or updates to our District 7070 Policies & Procedures.  Yours in Rotary, DGE Ron
  • I'm a member and past-president of the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline. We are currently organizing a fundraiser that may be of interest to members of Rotary Club of Brighton. It is a virtual "walk" around Bali and it aims tocombat sedentarity caused by the current situation and raise our spirits by change in scenery. Could you please share this fundraiser with your club members?Your mission, if you accept it, is to visit Bali virtually with the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline:- Travel 466 km in 8 to 12 weeks (or longer if needed)- Use exercise and physical activities of your choice to advance on the map of Bali, such as daily steps, walks, runs, bike rides, home workouts or even yoga- See yourself advance on the map of Bali as you log exercises- See in 360 degrees where you are in Bali and visit virtually- Learn about Bali culture and attractions through messages when you reach certain milestones on the map- Earn a virtual finisher certificate when you complete the route- Support the Rotary Foundation and projects of the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline$20 CAD to join Sign up here: can get more information here: is a fundraiser of the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline and it is open to everyone. All fitness levels are welcome! People can join until April 18thPlease let me know if you have any questions. Also, if there is an interest, I can join one of your upcoming virtual meetings to give a quick overview of the fundraiser.Sincerely, Odile
  • You are invited to the 'Tuesday Talks' April- Toastmasters. Please click on the link below to attend or decline. You can also book family and friends.  Event: 'Tuesday  Talks' April- Toastmasters  Date: Apr 13, 2021 7:00 PM  - Apr 13, 2021 8:00 PM  Fee:   Location: ON Canada    Details: Join Peter Hernandez, Award Winning Inspirational Speaker, Rotarian & Toastmaster And Mark Blackmore, Toastmasters Area Director, District 60 Division E Area 44  On Tues. April 13th @ 7pm-8pm   This Tuesday Talk aims to answer 3 key questions: What is Toastmasters? What will it do for me? How will it improve the Rotary experience?
  • Go to District web site for more information on any of these events.
  • Check out the District Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube channels to see what is happening in the District.
Song: someday soon we hope
Sharing Pot: all are encouraged to share as they are able or willing.
Happy Bucks: club money for the bank, rain that is needed, starting 2nd cycle of Kemo, still around, spring and getting out, things opening up, great day out, happy to be hear, Friday, got vaccinated, things greening up.
Rotary Minute:
from Bill Gates: ' We are achingly close to getting rid of polio - more than 99 percent of the way there. Finishing the job is a big challenge, but it is very doable if we keep up the effort'.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been a huge supporter of Rotary's Polio Plus campaign.
Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup
Our guest today was the President of the Port Hope Rotary Club Bob Biffin.
The Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup
Scheduled for Saturday April 24th, 2021 with:
+24,000 Rotarians to participate
+800 Rotary Clubs
15 Districts, 2 provinces and 8 States
This will support the Environment. This can involve cleaning lakefront, steams, creeks, ponds and parks.
Choose a location and event that is comfortable and safe. Wearing masks and gloves. Small areas and small teams from about 10am to noon on the Saturday morning. Possible social on patio after.
Recommended to get Municipal support to pick up garbage after.
Port Hope club plans to do Rotary Park along the Ganaraska. They expect about 18 to 20 volunteers to be spit into 3 teams.
Bob will send sign up kit.
Following Bob's brief presentation, we talked about advertising and inviting community to take part in their own way, in their own neighbourhood.
We also talked about getting some 'Rotary' vests to wear.
Service Above Self