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Brighton Rotary News June 21 2019
Members: 11
Guests: our exchange student Eloisa from Brazil, Bob Casselman and Ruth Corsey
  • Request for support for Madagascar's Surgeon Community Volunteer program
Smile for Week:
A new cowboy recently from Newfoundland went to a bar and ordered 3 drafts of Bud, took them to a table and started sipping each one. When he returned to order 3 more, the bar tender advised that it will go flat if sitting out too long, so best to order one at a time. The cowboy explained that he had two brothers, one a Navy Seal, the other a Ranger. When they left home, they agreed to drink like the other two were with them. The bar tender appreciated this sentiment. 
This practice continued for some time, until day cowboy came in and only order 2 drinks. Everyone in the bar noticed and in honour of the fallen brother bowed their heads in a moment of silence. The bar tender wanted to recognize the loss and asked the cowboy how it happened. The cowboy explained that he and his wife recently joined the Baptist church and he was not to drink.
  • Next board meeting will be at R Daniel's home - Tuesday July 23 at 6:30pm
  • Annual Rotary dues are requested by July 1, 2019.
  • R Clay circulated duty roster for the Street Dance July 27th.
  • R Murray is organizing the Interclub BBQ. Don't be surprised to get tap on shoulder.
  • Rotary Club of Brighton donation to skate park - committee would like photo op. Thursday was rain delayed so rescheduled for Monday June 24 at 4:30 pm at the thermometer.
  • Honorary Rotarian Henk fell and fractured a bone, he could use our thoughts and prayers.
  • In Case of Emergency folders - Inner Wheel from Cobourg interested in this project and looking for help. Forwarded to R Dave Sharp.
  • On behalf of Al Ronneberger's family, Maja thanked club for honouring Al's memory with plaque at King Edward Park Rotary gazebo, she saw pictures on Facebook.
  • Former Rotarian Gord Andrews passed away in Collingwood on June 12th at the age of 87. Appears Chatterson Funeral Home in Collingwood handling but still no arrangements posted.
  • R Daphne reported that funds on their way to Nepal. They started coffee production and Region is using Reep as a training site for agriculture. They plan to plant 5,000 orange trees.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • Wellington Rotary Fundraiser Dinner - Saturday August 10, 2019 starting at 5:30pm at Highline Hall.
  • District Conference next year - Rotary Muskoka Style at JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa - October 25 - 27, 2019. Registration fee $349. Rooms at special rate of $135 / night while they last. Special Guests and programing: Amanda Lindhout, Canadian Humanitarian and Journalist, in 2008 along with some of her entourage were kidnapped by Islamic Insurgents in Southern Somalia. She will tell of her experiences and release. Also a panel of three top military leaders from Canada, United States and Denmark lead a panel discussion about the Military's role in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution. Also Erin Davis, a best selling author and former Toronto media personality will talk about her book; 'Morning has Broken; Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy.'
Eloisa's Report:
Eloisa has paid her tuition and looking for place to live in Ottawa. She is waiting for letter of acceptance and working on VISA.
She had to leave but understand today is her last day of school.
Song: In the Good Ole Summertime
Sharing: $17.50 won by R Ricardo who donated it to Foundation.
Happy Bucks:  for presentation, summer, 1st golf and paddle this week, weather and walk in Park, more sunshine, Bob's vision for Brighton, to see good friend Ruth, positive outlook for future, enjoy Brighton, deer crossing road, Rotary making Brighton a better community, Bob and family welcome, having 2 CAO's present, hello from Florida, 187 days to Christmas, knows apples.
Rotary Minute: none today
New CAO Bob Casselman
 R Steve introduced Brighton's new CAO Mr. Bob Casselman. Steve first met Bob about 5 years ago in his office in Brockville. Steve was there to promote his firm and Bob was very gracious and generous with his time. He invited Steve to come into his office, sit and they visited for a time before Bob sent Steve to meet the engineering staff.
It appears Bob's influence is broad, because we have another guest today who learned Bob was speaking from our web site and therefore we have Ruth joining us and as a retired CAO has known Bob many years.
Bob was invited to introduce himself to Rotary this morning as our newest CAO.
Bob said he was here to share a little of the Good, Bad and Ugly.
The Good is his wife of 38 years' Cindy or as he referred to her as Cinderella. He clarified during questions that this was the princes Cinderella. She is his backbone.
The Bad are twin sons, now 26 years' old. They are a handful.
The Ugly is Bob's golf game. He loves it but it is not pretty to the extent that clubs can end up in two or three pieces.
Bob grew up in Morrisburgh Ontario and left home for school in 1978. He attended Carleton for Commerce, but didn't stop there, he went to Waterloo and many other places over the years in his quest for life long learning (legal, taxation +++).
He is active in sports and had his first knee surgery at age 13 and has had a total of 5 before he stopped playing hockey. He loves to hunt and fish to relieve stress. 
Bob's theme this morning is 'The Path Forward', keys to Effective Government
1. Understanding different roles of people - from council to staff to the public and rate payers. All to work as a team to make Brighton a better place.
2. Managing Expectations - at home this can be more difficult as partner may dictate expectations.
At work a little more flexibility, need to ask ratepayers their expectations. Brighton has a strategic plan. This plan, the goals and objectives have to be clearly communicated to both the public and staff. He plans to report quarterly the progress as staff has to be accountable. He will also report annually.
3. Team Expectations - All have to understand their role, be accountable and write it down. Tasks will be documented with department heads for them to sign off so everyone has clear expectations. He is looking for a work ethic of customer service  and pride in community and where you work. Having a good positive corporate image. The Town will succeed or fail as a team. As a municipality there are legislative mandates that change and effort is required to stay on top of it. There are corporate risks and liability. Staff need to understand and be provided the tools, training and budgets to do their job and be held accountable.
4. Partnerships - Bob is looking for partnerships, with business, service clubs, other municipalities, the County. We are a small community, we need to work together with others, The work required at the sewage plant needs funds to accomplish and the Municipality will be looking for funding partners.
5. Budgeting - Bob is going to move the annual budget process to the fall for the upcoming year. Setting a budget in April, a quarter into the year is not satisfactory. He also is looking to establish 5 year and 10 year capital plans / goals. The Asset Management Plan has to be updated regularly.
6. Service Delivery Review - Bob is undertaking a review of organization and services. He has been here 100 days, and plans to bring to council in late summer a report on the gaps, needs of the community. He recognizes that an aging work force will need replacement and many disciplines are short supply, so succession planning is needed. Operational efficiencies will be looked at. Provincial funds are in place to assist with this process. New technologies may be able to help fill some gaps and create efficiencies. Corporate tools will be evaluated, brought up to date including the Official Plan. Brown fields will be looked at to work to find solutions and a path forward. Economic development strategy is in budget but needs plan. The replacement of key infrastructure such as the sewage plant, arena, curling club all have to be factored into long range planning.
Labour market and staffing - need to be fairly compensated for fair days work.
Bob wants to work on corporate image, for people and staff to be proud of Brighton.
Bob recognizes that there will be bumps and humps in the path forward, but he is committed to moving forward and making Brighton a better place to live and work.
R Murray thanked Bob for his vision and sharing with us.
Service Above Self