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Brighton Rotary News Feb 7 2020
Members: 7
Guests: Inbound Exchange Student Daniella from the Faro Islands
  • General request and newsletter from Canadian Diabetes
  • Catalogue for playground equipment
  • Loyalist College and Brighton Rotary bursary - Loyalist College is holding their annual Spring Awards Ceremony (luncheon) on Tuesday March 3 at 12pm in the Link Lounge at Loyalist College. A member of the club is invited to attend. If a member is able to attend on behalf of the club, email by February 12.
  • Horizons of Friendship will be future speaker. They are local agency that works is Central America.
  • General newsletter and request from Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation.
  • General newsletter and request from Youth Unlimited.
  • Invoice from Brighton Curling Club for Rotary advertisement ($100 +HST).
  • Thank you letter from Quinte Sailability.
  • ENSS graduation exercises will be Thursday June 25th, 2020. Brighton Rotary has 3 annual awards for Technology, Geography (Environmental studies) and Business. We are asked to contact ENSS by May 10 to advise presenter's name etc.
Smile: blush
R Craig's uncle Clive got caught in storm while cod fishing several years ago and was stranded on a remote island. After seven years on the island, a bottle washed up on shore. While cleaning the bottle, a genie appear to grant him 3 wishes. After 7 years, he said he would like a cigarette so the genie produced a pack of Export plain from her bag. For his second wish he asked for a bottle of Screech which again was taken from her bag. The genie reminded him he had left a third and final wish and she suggested she may know what a man stranded on an island for 7 years may want and she gave him a wick and asked if he would like to go for a round. Clive looked at the genie and said, 'don't tell me you have a bag of golf clubs in her bad as well'.
  • Next club directors meeting will be Tuesday March 24 at 6:30pm at home of President Daniel.
  • ENSS Hope Project are holding a Trivia Night - Thursday February 13 from 6 - 9pm. A table costs $100 and should have 6 to 8 players. Rotary invited to participate. This is a fundraiser for the Hope Project Team. There is a poster on their Facebook page.
  • Brighton Masonic United Lodge 29 has donated $300,000 to the Brian Todd Memorial Community Fund.
  • Oshawa and Belleville Rotary clubs celebrating 100 years in 2020.
  • Brighton Road Apple team made up of R Daniel, R Emily and Allison came in 2nd place at the Adult Spelling B last Monday at the Trenton Rotary Club. Exchange student Daniella also participated.
  • R Joyce has volunteered to coordinate student from ENSS to attend Adventures in Citizenship in Ottawa in April.
  • D7070 has selected Iosif Ciosa from the Rotary Club of Etobicoke as the District Governor in 2022-2023.
  • We have been asked if Brighton Rotary would like our logo on the Simulator?
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • D7070 Foundation Grant Writing Workshop will be held at Whitby Public Library Saturday February 29 from 9am to 2pm. Lunch provided.Northumberland Sunrise holding 'Men Who Cook vs. Women Who Sizzle' fundraiser at Port Hope Recreation Centre, 62 McCaul Street, Saturday March 28th at 6pm. Tickets $45 each. R Steve cooking.
  • 2020 Rotary District Conference theme is 'Heroes and Champions' and will be held at Toronto Weston Prince Hotel October 23-25, 2019.
Daniella's Report:  
Daniella started her new semeter, she is taking; keyboarding, outdoor ed and philosophy.
She went skating at Batawa (although ice was bad).
She went cross country skiing at Presquile with her host mom.
Eloisa is coming to visit with family tomorrow.
R Emily is taking Daniella to Ottawa on Sunday to skate on the canal and try beavertails.
Daniella's Bucket List:
Play hockey
Niagara Falls
CN tower
Algonquien Park
See a moose
See a beaver
See a possum
See a bear
Play in the snow
Volunteer (animal shelter?)
See leaves change color
Ottawa (skate on the Rideau canal)
Go skiing
Swim in Lake Ontario
Cliff jump (?😬)
See the northern lights
Go to New York City?
See a baseball game
See a rugby game
See an american football game
See a ice hockey game
Try beaver tail (not from a real beaver)
Song: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
Sharing: $12.50 won by R Daniel donated it to Daniella
Happy Bucks: Great Cousin's weekend with escape room and wine tour, good week and looking to better one, Pond Hockey tournament last weekend, Spelling B, it is Friday, to be here, that R Joyce back from road trip safe, for R Craig's concern, to be home safe, Aunt's birthday, just happy, the stories.
Rotary Minute:  February is Peacebuilding and conflict prevention month.
New POD's for 2020
POD#1 - Murray, Chris, Joyce, Victoria, Mark, Jeff W and Steve
POD#2 - Ricardo, Jeff P, Emily, Craig, Rudy, Liesje, Clay
How to Spot a Liar - TED Talk
R Ricardo and R Emily reviewed several TED Talks before settling on this one.
Pamela Meyer, author of Lie Spotting and TED Talk, How to Spot a Liar.
'lying is a cooperative act'. We agree to believe.
Not all lies are harmful, some we say for social dignity / graces. We all lie.
We may want to learn to spot a liar so that we can get to the truth.
Lies - deception. A notorious con artist said that everyone wants something. We believe the lie to get what we want.
We are lied to everyday, 10 to 200 times each day. We lie more to strangers.
We live in a 'post truth' society.
Spotting a lie through language used, body language. We can fake a smile of the mouth, but a real smile is seen in the eyes and that cannot be faked.
There are things we can learn to help us spot a lie, but being curious and asking questions helps, but not too aggressively.
Service Above Self