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Jul 30, 2022
7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
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Brighton Rotary News July 13 2022
Members: 9
Guests: Jeff Wheeldon and Terri Lynn Jenkins
Dear 2022-23 club officers,As you begin your term as a club officer, we are happy to be able to support you with updated courses in the Learning Center.
If you’ve already completed your role-based courses in preparation for your term, please take some time to review them, as courses have been updated. The most significant changes are being made to the courses for club presidents, because we’ve discontinued the Lead Your Club: President manual and incorporated that information into courses in the Learning Center.2. From the Rotary Club of Woodbridge - Summer wine event is back with new products:
                                      Red Bardolino Classico 2020 $ 24.95
                                      Colle Chiara White                 $ 18.95
                                      OTUS Pilsner Beer 750 ml     $ 14.94 
Contact: dolores@,  Tel: 416-879 7725
               Pick up at: 132 Woodstream Blvd. Woodbridge 
Mention Rotary and Tifa Wine will donate a % to support the Rotary Club of Woodbridge causes. Thank You! Wine's details on attachment
Smile: blush
A New York attorney representing .a wealthy are collector called to speak to his client. "Saul, I have some good news and I have some bad news."
The art collector replied, "You know, I've had an awful day, so let's hear the good news first."
The lawyer said, "Well, I met with your wife today, and she informed me that she invested $500 in two very nice pictures. She thinks they will bring somewhere between $15 and $20 million, and I think she could be right."
Saul replied enthusiastically, "Holy cow! Well done! My wife is a brilliant business women, isn't she? You've just made my day. Now, I know I can handle the bad news. What is it?"
The lawyer replied, "The pictures are of you and your secretary."
  • Next board meeting will be held at R Clay on July 19th
  • We are looking for speakers for August
  • PODS to be adjusted.
  • Applefest Food Booth September 24. R Chris is looking for source of back bacon.
  • Street Dance July 30. R Clay advised duty roster full. He is meeting with Town about their support later in the day.
  • Interclub BBQ August 15. Club reviewed what and who we need for the evening.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • Foundation Walk at Heber Downs Conservation area / Cullen Gardens - September 25th.
  • We Have A Dream - District Conference October 14 to 16 at Nottawasaga Inn.
  • World Polio Day 2022 Live from Durham College October 20 from 6pm to 8pm.
  • Go to District web site for more information on any of these events.
  • Check out the District Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube channels to see what is happening in the District. Past Tuesday Talks available for viewing.
Song: ??
Sharing Pot: $21 won by Terri Lynn who donated it to Rotary's Polio Plus
Happy Bucks:  everything going well for Street Dance, assisting Clay organize Street Dance, know you are in the country when you get up and see turkey vulture eating a muskrat, family reunion the old man enjoyed, trip with sons to Niagara Falls, always happy, to be here, great laughs, healthy and alive, wonderful visit with son and his family especially 3 grandkids.
Rotary Minute:
R Clay shared some recent decisions by Rotary International:
Updates from the Council on Legislation In April, representatives to the 2022 Council on Legislation voted overwhelmingly to add “equity and inclusion” to the Rotary International bylaws, affirming our organization’s continuing effort to be inclusive of all cultures, experiences, and identities and to reflect the communities we serve.

The council meets every three years to review and vote on changes to RI’s constitutional documents. At this year’s council, representatives also approved a dues increase and a club administration pilot that will allow Rotary to experiment with different governance structures. A Report of Action has been sent to clubs, which have until 1 August to submit statements of opposition to adopted measures. Revised governance documents are available online, and you can also review voting results and find more information about the council process.
Imagine Rotary Tour in Toronto July 5
Some videos and pictures were shared with club of the new RI President Jennifer Jones Imagine Rotary cross Canada tour in Toronto on July 5. Jennifer is the first women president of RI and a Canadian.
President Emily shared a bit about the new 2022 / 23 RI theme, 'Imagine Rotary' and distributed the new theme pin to members.

This email is being sent at the request of District 7070 Governor Iosif Ciosa.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Rotary Food Packing event on July 5 in partnership with Kids Against Hunger (Canada) as part of the Imagine Rotary Canada Tour.  We appreciated your smiles (we saw them under the masks!) and enthusiasm as you stood for hours filling bags and then boxes with nutritious meals. Extra thanks to everyone who brought out friends, family, and potential members to join in our afternoon of service.

We know how disappointing it was that Rotary International President Jennifer Jones was not able to be with us as planned.

She was also very disappointed not to be able to serve with us and has created this special video message. Please share it with anyone you know who attended, but who did not register. We'd like President Jennifer's message to reach everyone who did not get the opportunity to meet her.

Thank you again for your enthusiastic participation in the Rotary Food Packing event on July 5th. Do check out the tour photo album and join us in thanking everyone who documented this incredible day of Rotary service and fellowship.

Service Above Self