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Brighton News April 24 2020
Members: 10
Guests: ADG Shirley Ross from Colborne Club, Rotarian Rob Pope from Campbellford, past Rotarian Daphne Simms and exchange student Daniella Danielsen
Oh Canada was sad or amusing today. Depends possibly on your frame of mind. Does anyone have link to a good version we can share?
Correspondence: none
Smile: blush
R Craig when he was home last summer he saw his uncle out cutting the grass with his head down. Craig asked him how he was and his uncle said he was just going through a rough patch.
Two antena on a roof and fell in love. The marriage was routine but the reception was out of this world.
  • Reach out to Rotarians not getting on line to help them connect.
  • R Jeff B suggested we invite R Bob, however, we should not use big words
  • We will have next Zoom regular club meeting Friday May 1 at 8am.
  • POD#1 is responsible for May so we can reach out and try some speakers digitally
  • Diners and Duffers booklets on hold. Committee going out to restaurants and golf clubs asking if they will honour coupons to March 31, 2022, an additional year. Then we will put sticker with change on books and sell when safe to do so.
  • R Joyce advised that outbound exchange student Ethan Taylor is now home in Brighon.
  • R Rob shared view of his T-shirt advertising Immunization Day - Give Polio the Finger
  • R Rob shared that Campbellford exchange students have not returned home due to fears of COVID in transit.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • 2020 Rotary District Conference theme is 'Heroes and Champions' and will be held at Toronto Weston Prince Hotel October 23-25, 2019.
  • Rotary District 7070 is going to the Dominican Republic March Break 2021. A service opportunity - sweat equity.
Song: do we even try it?
Daniella's Update:
Dainella arrived home safe. There were few people at airports and on planes. Flight from Toronto to Amsterdam they had about 3 seats per passenger.
She is in quarantine in her home. Her parents are working still and sister at school so she has to keep isolated from them.
Things are opening up on Faro Islands, schools open and mall recently opened up.
She said only 9 or 10 active cases of COVID on Island.
She had mask and sanitizer wipes and hand sanitizer on plane to use.
Her bags were over weight but airlines did not charge extra fees. And bags weighted differently in Toronto and Denmark?
She has been sleeping a lot since getting home. She said it was about 1:30pm when she joined our Zoom meeting but she had just gotten up. True teenager.
R Chris has $100 from Colborne Club for the Trees for Trees program. Daphne asked if club willing to get funds to Uganda. She also advised that Interact has $100 for the program but with schools locked, no access to the funds at this time, will Brighton Rotary cover funds from Interact to send and Interact will reimburse once schools reopen. Daphne will check on status of the ENSS Environmental Club and further possible $500 for Trees for Trees program.
Daphne advised that Interact also raised funds for Polio eradication but those monies are also not accessible until schools open.
R Rob from Campbellford provided an update on the ICAN project in St. Maartan. This is project to convert sea containers to 3 temporary dwellings (complete with kitchenette, washroom) for young people being released at 18 from orphanages with no prospects. The project stalled due to issues with land ownership where the containers were to be located. Campbellford has given them 6 months to find new land. Rob asked if Brighton Rotary want our $500 back?
R Rob also went over Campbellford plan to get 5 local clubs to commit to supporting each other for local or international projects and thereby maximize District designated funds.
Rotary Club of Brighton has secured our domain name through Club Runner for next 8 years.
Filling sand bags, need to take your own shovel.
Meals on Wheels: Contact Julie at to assist with delivering groceries or meals.
R Joyce shared that some clubs are buying meals to be delivered, thus supporting local restaurant and helping feed others.
Diners and Duffers - R Chris following up with restaurants and golf courses to ask if they will honour coupons for additional year / season to March 31, 2021?
Happy Bucks: World Immunization Day, Zoom meeting, remember tragedy in Nova Scotia today, passing April 14 of Jack Dingle, parents well and not in nursing home, son coming home from University, living in house with 2 finished floors for separation, to see all and well, to be able to help with No Frills raffle, always happy, fox family with young near home, looking forward to double digit temperatures, brother in nursing home in Montreal COVID free, grandkids went home, helping with house reno's (tearing down).
Send me your good news for next week and I can add to Service Wheel.
Rotary Minute:  Stay Safe.
Service Above Self