R Steve gave a too long monologue starting from when he and Allison first met. Allison was not impressed as Steve didn't say much.
However, a year later Allison started University at Waterloo and boarded at the same Farmhouse where R Steve and couple other 4th year engineers rented top floor apartment. The roommate Dave took Allison on date first but didn't work.
Steve and Allison first started dancing taking Square Dancing lessons at local public school. Allison has directional challenges and Steve clicked his fingers as feeble attempt to point her in right direction. Allison did not appreciate the snapping fingers and let Steve know this.
Steve graduated spring 1982, with few jobs available with inflation pushing 20%. The following year Steve had two offers, the Canadian military or two year contract to Saudi Arabia. He chose Saudi Arabia in spring 1983. Before leaving he proposed to Allison at the Imperial Room at the Royal York. She wanted a year to plan the wedding so Steve gave her two years.
While in Saudi Arabia and working with a lot of other ex-patriots, Steve decided to go back to school for a Masters, in England. Allison was game to spend her first year of marriage in England.
Steve came home end of May 1985, they got married June 29, Greece and visiting family in summer then England in September. We lived in residence Lillian Penson Hall in Talbot Square off Sussex Gardens, Bayswater Road. Not far from Speakers Corners, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Steve had a short walk across park to school. Very close to Paddington station.
Allison quickly got a job as clerk at Westminster Council through the local job bank. Quickest job she ever got. It was initially short term but they kept her for the full year.
Our apartment was very small. Full bath. Room about 10'x12'. Single bed with second as murphy bed you pulled down from wall. Tiny box oven and cook top. We had to feed meter for power with coins but returned each month to start again.
We got to know each other. Allison a morning person, me a night person, didn’t study until late, needed to slow down. Allison put Steve to some tests in the first few months which he failed.
We attended a couple formal occasions: Formal invitation to Canada House in Trafalgar Square and Gala ball with dance band of the Grenadier Guards.
Early in our relationship, Allison taught me join of reading which school did best to kill. Also, live theatre. Where else for live theatre but London’s west end.
All kinds, 2nd balcony.
Les Mis
Living in England and west end London we were tourists, and primarily during the off season. We visited all the typical  London sites, but we traveled  the country too from Scotland, Wales and to Dublin Ireland.
We visited enough castles and museums for a lifetime.
It took some convincing to get Allison to try a B& B. Allison was reluctant due to Chevy Chase European Vacation movie. The UK Tourist board had rated B&B’s, very easy and worked great. During our year Mars bars wrapper had coupon for discount for rail tickets that we took advantage off.
Highly recommend visiting Kew Gardens and Royal Botanical Gardens in London. Plants from around the world.
Before coming home after the year, we got Eurail passes and toured a bunch of countries – Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway Switzerland
Not France as a visa was required due to recent terrorist activity and big lines to apply so we didn't go.
We both had friends in Germany that we visited.
In summary, our first year of marriage was special, even if Allison had doubts, but now 37 years together - must be Love.