Pres Daniel introduced R Liesje.
She noted that I gave her about 35 hours to prepare, so her presentation was thrown together. Quite the life so far.
Liesje was born in Holland. The family immigrated to Canada in 1956.
Her father got into sailing, he had a 24' Shark as his first boat. That changed her life.Liesje enjoyed challenges of sailing, even saving an overturned boat in lake when they were out in bad weather (hurricane). She enjoyed the circle of friends they had through sailing. She had lots of fun. They took a long trip sailing to Bahamas in which Liesje took three months off work to help her father with trip. This trip was on a 40' Yankee Clipper. She says her dad can do anything.
Liesje has a boat in Nova Scotia that she misses - Jenna.
In High School she was a high achiever, A+ student, president of student council. Valedictorian.
She went to York University but did not finish. Norms holding women back in those years were a problem. She was effectively forced out of math and sciences getting barely pass to move her along, but not enough for her to progress.
She did go to University of Guelph, Wilfred Laurier and one of the Colleges.
She worked for time at Ontario Hydro.
She acts including musicals, has modeled, studied art, and freelance artist. She is the author of two books under name of Tina Asanti.
She makes videos and has been since her early 30's. She enjoys this a lot. She has made videos for fund raisers and many other types. With digital editing she doesn't need a studio but can do it herself.
She enjoys making costumes for performances.
Liesje enjoys life with partner Andy Smith.