David Green from Brighton Community Policing and Ed Jouwstrau from OPP came to provide an update on the Driving Simulator.
They explained that after a review of several possible driving simulators, they selected one from Texas. It has been ordered and is expected in August.
Their evaluation included ease of transport, to set up and move around. Also, they did not want a driver training machine, but a simulator to teach the effects of distracted driving. They want to display it and teach teenagers and adults to risks of distracted driving. This one will show US road signs such as miles per hour rather than Kms per hour. Working with manufacturer, the software is being modified for rural environment with farming equipment on the roads. This extra $4,000 cost was picked up by a tractor manufacturer in the US.
They had a generous donation from Cameco in Port Hope, but also other partners.
This unit will be a Northumberland tool. They have partners including the School Board, Fire Department, Northumberland Safe Communities, MTO, an Insurance company and Rotary. It is not an OPP equipment, although OPP may borrow it.
In the end, with duties to pay the total cost is $43,000.
They hope to display it at Applefest and set up at the Fire Hall.
They plan to set up schedule and booking procedure. Likely will be adjustments made as they work things out. This unit has one large screen rather than 3, so it can be run from a laptop.