R Joyce introduced Tracey. Tracey is from Whitby, works for Wilkinson & Company.
HR services is a new offer from Wilkinson & Company.
Recreational Cannabis became legal in October 2018. Tracey provided some possible scenarios how it may impact us in business and reviewed what we know so far.
Possible scenarios:
Employee smoking what looks like a joint at lunch, they return to office and smell like pot. Possible employee shares locker with another employee.
Employee brings brownies for company treat day.
Employee late for work and you know they like to party late.
Employee posts on Facebook using bong and wearing company t-shirt.
Employee has to travel to US for work.
These activities likely should be a concern to employer.
What We Know So Far
Cannabis use in Canada among highest in the world. Now legal across Canada.
Federal guidelines with provinces to amend so rules may vary between provinces.
In Ontario, legal to consume at age 19, can use in public spaces similar to smoking rules, can possess 30g of dried cannabis or equivalent.
Can grow up to 4 plants per household.
Only available through official online sales until spring 2019.
Must be packaged and labelled.
Not available for use when being transported in boat or vehicle.
Driving under influence has penalties.
Edibles not legal for sale or eaten in  public.
Expected travel restrictions to US for those who work in industry or use.
Expected $20 billion industry in Canada
Culture is shifting. People will take time to adjust.
High usage even when illegal.
Possible spillover effects or unintentional usage.
For Employers
Employers obligated to provide save work place.
Employers have right to set tolerance level in workplace.
Reinforces need for employer to be prepared to address suspected employee impairment.
Need to train supervisors.
Communication and training needed.
For Employees
No legal right to be impaired at work (on any substance)
New freedoms come with new restrictions and responsibilities.
Action Plans needed.
Tracey provided handout of her presentation and check sheet to help create action plan.
R Keith thanked Tracey after several questions.