Whats New at Brighton Rotary today:
Next board meeting will be held at R Daniel's cottage June 20th
Elizabeth and her children have arrived
Brighton Rotary together with the six Rotary Clubs in Northumberland County will plant 500 trees in our communities this fall.
Our 2024/25 inbound youth exchange student will be a young lady from Finland, to arrive mid August.
We cooked for Spring Valley PS fun fair Wednesday June 5 after school.
R Audrey and R Daniel organized a team for the Relay for Life walk in Trenton. They raised about $1,400.
We are cooking for the Pride Pop Up in the park June 15.
Rotary bottle drive by the Arena Saturday June 22.
Street Dance on Main Street Saturday August 3.
We need some more Rotarians and friends to get food handling certified
R Chris called for Rotarians interested in donating to the Foundation or Polio Plus to get money in asap so he can make submission this month.
Vision statement
Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
Members in attendance today: 10
Guests: Elizabeth, Darren and Dahlia as well as our exchange student Gabriel from Brazil
  • Elizabeth Wanjau -
  • Darren (14) – headed for grade 9 at ENSS  
  • Dahlia (10) – has her first day at school today
1. DG John Burns weekly news letter.
2. Cornerstone's 8th Annual Women's Day Luncheon
We are thrilled to announce that over $59,000 was raised at Cornerstone’s 8th Annual Women’s Day Luncheon that was held on Thursday May 9th at the Best Western in Cobourg.
Community Collaboration
Over the last several months, Cornerstone staff have been attending both Cobourg Police Service and Port Hope Police Service to provide front line officers with information sessions about various topics related to gender-based violence. These sessions were an opportunity for officers to have re-education on how to respond to gender-based violence and to enhance our existing relationships. These education opportunities were made possible thanks to the Ontario government Victim Support grant received by Cobourg Police Service.
Stand Up Stay Strong
Cornerstone, Cobourg Police Service, and Darryl Goodall from Part Time CFO Services partnered to offer the Stand Up Stay Strong program to students at Cobourg Collegiate Institute. The program discusses and shares information on self-confidence, healthy relationships, consent, and safety planning. It is broken down into two sections: In-Class and Physical Defense, with the objective of educating youth on societal influences that may impact their decision-making when building intimate and meaningful relationships. To learn more about the Stand Up Stay Strong Program, please visit our website.
Enhancing Our Response to Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault
Cornerstone, Cobourg Police Service, and Port Hope Police Service hosted the conference Enhancing Our Response to Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault. Guests had the great opportunity to learn from expert speakers Dr. Peter Jaffe and Dr. Lori Haskell. The Ontario government Victim Support grant received by Cobourg Police Service provided this opportunity to take a step forward in addressing gender-based violence in response to the Ryan Inquest, and bring together a wide variety of local social services agencies, police services, and community partners for a day of learning and training.
Northumberland Sunrise Rotary 
We are beyond thrilled to announce Northumberland Sunrise Rotary’s generous contribution of $4,000 to Cornerstone! Thank you to the members of Sunrise Rotary for choosing to support Cornerstone. 
Smile: blush
A blonde failed their written driving test 4 times.
On the fifth attempt, they were determined to pass:
The test had the same question each time:
“You’re driving at 100mph. On the right is a wall, on your left is a cliff, on the road you see an old man and a young man. What do you hit?”
The person walked up to the examiner and spoke, “I’ve answered this question all four ways, Wall, Cliff, old man, young man, yet I failed all four times. How is this possible? What am I supposed to hit?”
The examiner replied, “The brakes!”.
Song: This Land is Your Land
Sharing Pot: $24 won by R Steve B who donated it to Polio Plus
What are we Happy About:.
  • So great to have Elizabeth’s family with us.
  • Great to be here this morning.
  • This is the happiest day for our club, to see a project come to fruition and having Elizabeth and her family with us.
  • Nice to Meet Elizabeth and her family.
  • Enjoyed Circ de Solay.
  • Thankful to have Elizabeth and her family with us.
  • Thankful for all the help that was given to the Walk for Life.
  • I am very proud to be of this community.  All are glad to see Elizabeth and her family.
  • Happy to be here and to be with you all.
  • Pleased to see our new family here.
  • Clay, you are a great guy!
  • It is good to be here.  Very happy to see our new family.
  • Welcome to our new family.
  • It is a great day.
  • I am happy to be here in this community and I look forward to sharing great moments.
Rotary Minute:
Rotary Action Groups are independent, Rotary-affiliated groups made up of people from around the world who are experts in a particular field, such as economic development, peace, addiction prevention, the environment, or water.
Action groups offer their technical expertise and support to help clubs plan and implement projects to increase our impact, one of Rotary's strategic priorities. This support includes helping clubs find partners, funding, and other resources. Action groups can also help clubs and districts prepare grant applications, conduct community assessments, and develop plans to monitor and evaluate their projects. Read more about these activities in the Rotary Action Groups annual report highlights.
Anyone who wants to share their expertise to make a positive difference can join an action group. Only Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Rotary Peace Fellows can serve in leadership roles.

Rotary Action Groups by area of focus

Supporting education
Basic Education and Literacy
Action groups that work in more than one area of focus
Food Plant Solutions