R Chris introduced Andrew:
Andrew Kelm joined the Canadian Ski Patrol in 2016.  I joined because I wanted to improve my First Aid skills and wished to combine that with my passion for skiing.  Among the roles I have had include Patrol Leader for Nordic Patrol at Little Cataraqui Conservation Area in Kingston in 2017 & 18.  I am presently the  Assistant Patrol Leader at Batawa Ski Hill and Non Skiing Events in Kingston and Fundraising Coordinator.  When I am not with the Ski Patrol you will find me running my seasonal tourism business in Kingston, Ontario, Ahoy Rentals.  I started this business 25 years ago.  My business rents Canoes, Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle boards, Sailboats and Bicycles.
Andrew provided a brief history of the Ski Patrol. A National organization originally formed in 1941. They are not for profit, highly trained volunteers. They have about 4000 volunteers across the country organized into 9 divisions. Each Division into 59 Zones. Andrew and our area are part of the Frontenac Zone. They promote safe skiing and assist with injured skiers.
Typically their finances come from:
Special Events 43%
Membership Fees 38% - they do not ski for free
Donations 5%
Hill fees 4%
However, during the pandemic when most special events were cancelled, 95% of their revenue was from hill fees.
They don't have a lot of overhead. They train at Batawa.
They raise funds for equipment they need such as radios, rescue equipment and first aid supplies. Recently they raised $5,700 for adult and child manaquins for training, and two new tobagggns at $7,000.
They are still raising funds for radios.
They do lots of hands on training. They have to re-qualify each year with National exams. They Practice, practice and practice. Also have 1st Aid Competitions.
They have been busy on the hills as outdoor activities have been booming. Long line ups at Batawa.