Quinte Relay for Life is back in 2024 for a third run at Trenton High School - Saturday June 8th from 2pm to 11pm. The Quinte event is an amalgamation of former Brighton, Quinte West and Belleville and Prince Edward County events.
In 2023 their goal for fundraising was $57,000 which was surpassed. They raised $64,000. They are hoping to meet that again.
Today Karen White the Volunteer Director in charge of sponsors updated Rotary on the 2024 Relay for Life event. The Rotary Club of Brighton presented Karen a cheque for $500 as a Luminaire sponsor achieving her goal of sponsorships for this year's event.
They are looking for more teams and for teams to participate on the day.
Karen reminded us of all the good works the Canadian Cancer Society does for research as well as to support people and families dealing with cancer.
R Jeff introduced Karen who isn't a stranger to us:
Karen White, been volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society since 2003. Her husband died of  cancer in 2002. She has been involved with Relay For Life events for over 15 years. Currently  the Volunteer Director for the Bay of Quinte Relay For Life. Also involved in advocacy working with various levels of gov't to  advocate on behalf of Canadians living with and beyond cancer and to  ensure Canadians live in a healthy environment.
The Bay of Quinte Relay for Life will be on June 08, 2024, at the Trenton High School track.The Bay of Quinte Relay for Life is in its third year. It is an amalgamation of four previously separate events. The four communities related to the four separate events now come together to sponsor the combined Bay of Quinte Relay for Life event.  Teams come from all four communities.
Last year our goal was $57,000 and we made $64,000.  This year, our goal is $64,000.  We are hoping to make $5,000 in sponsorships.  With your support today, we will have achieved this sponsorship goal. 
Often our challenge will be getting enough teams out.  Last year, only 12 teams came.  Without the teams to make the event look full, it is difficult.  This year, we are working hard to get more teams.  When you are moving around the track, the size of the Trenton High School track looks sparse.
One of the challenges across Canada for the event is that the donations on the day of the event will be cashless.  Donations are encouraged to be online before the day of the event.  The only exception is the Luminary program, which we are promoting to pay for online in advance of the event.
Behind all of these numbers, are people who are being treated for cancer, or have lost their life to cancer, or know someone who has died of cancer. 
  • $15 million in donations was used to sponsor research.
  • 16 million people used our information at cancer.ca.
  • Successfully lobbied for 26 weeks of EI for people who need to stay home to recover from cancer. As a result, 169,000 people were given more time to stay at home because of our efforts.
  • The CCS offers free wigs,
  • The Wheels of Hope program drives patients to appointments; we have 19 volunteer drivers,
  • 40,000 people generated $9 million at the Relay for Life
  • When the luminaries are lit at dust, it is very moving.
There are new TV ads with the tagline ‘It takes a Society,’ and the Relay for Life will likely adopt this tagline next year.
Relay For Life and the Rotary Club of Brighton: it all started at the original Dougals.  We had a presentation of a program that had been done in the USA where teams of people would walk all night with at least one member of the team walking all the time.  Jeff was working on this, so the first one was at CFB Trenton.  Dan Thompson and his band were asked to provide entertainment.  People arrived and it started to rain very heavily for a long time.  Dan had to forgo performing; however, people continued walking in the rain with umbrellas.  The next year, the event was run at Loyalist College, and we entered a team.  This event has continued.  Greg Kerr was an agent with REMAX, so he arranged the big REMAX balloon to be lifted at the event.
Last year, the wildfire smoke was a serious concern. Running these events in rain or smoke always presents challenges. Karen has a team called ‘PS: I love you’ in memory of her husband and brother.
The Brighton Rotary gave a donation of $500 to the Relay for Life.