Today R Clay presented a YouTube presentation about the world population and in particular 'overshoot'. See the attached link.
R Clay told us that the UN in 1987 started looking at world population and where we are going. It become an annual review, every July 11th.
The enclosed link is a presentation by Professor Emeritus at UBC and what he talks about is Overshoot. Basically how we are using more of the Earth's resources than is sustainable. We are in boom time and a 'bust' is coming. Our life and population explosion is not sustainable.
We use to much, waste too much, the earth cannot handle it long term and at rate we are going.
People are predisposed to being unsustainable. He says fossil fuels has fueled this overshoot. With fossil fuels we produce more, are able to life over more of the earth and as result the world population has grown exponentially over a relatively short period.
He says the we live out of social constructs of our own making and not reality. That our emotions and passions drive us, not rational thought.
We are in the plague phase (we are the plague). We are the parasite on the earth, and while we may enjoy the boom we are in now, it will end. It is not sustainable.